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How to Become a Root Administrator in Ubuntu Mode

Here's how to become graphical root on Linux

Access programs and directories on Ubuntu in root mode without opening the terminal

Many times we need to perform root actions to configure certain files on the system, delete something, or whatever your need is.

Root Linux

In Windows every time you need to perform some administrative task the computer just asks you if you want to do it, just by clicking on "yes" you can do the action without entering security password allowing anyone to change your computer, nothing much safe.

In Ubuntu and Linux Mint you can also run root applications without opening the terminal, just press the key combination ALT + F2 that the dialog box Run will open, at this point you should type:

gksu program_name_who_you_run_like_root

After that only you enter your administrator password and the program opens as Root. For example:

gksu nautilus (opens file manager in root mode)

gksu gedit (opens root text editor)

gksu software-center (opens root program center)

And that can be applied to any other program, just knowing its name, if you don't know the package name is a good way to find out using synaptic to look up its name.

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