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How to be invisible in WhatsApp: Step by Step

Some time ago, WhatsApp started showing exactly when its users were online or last seen the app. Although it is an interesting feature for many people, it can also end up being invasive for some. After all, everyone who would like their contacts to know about their detailed use of the chat app. Fortunately, it is almost invisible in WhatsApp.

The app has an option to give you more privacy when you want. In addition, you can also select who can see if you are online. Of course there are some restrictions, but it's a good start for those who want a discreet in-app experience. If you want to know how to be invisible on WhatsApp, check out our step by step tutorial.

How to be invisible in WhatsApp

There are currently two ways to improve your WhatsApp discretion. You can change the option of who can see your in-app activity, ie when you are online or when you last opened WhatsApp.

Other than that, you can also disable the "read commit" option of the messages you receive. This way, your contacts won't know exactly when you saw the app or when you saw a message.

By contrast, you also end up not getting this contact information that they can see more about your use. Nothing more fair or different than what we see in other apps and social networks of this kind.

However, to get started and be invisible in WhatsApp, open the app and click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen to find the "Settings" option.

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privacy settings in account menu

Then click on the “Last Seen” option. Choose whether you would prefer anyone in your contacts to see your activity or anyone to see it.

invisible on whatsapp seen by last

This will determine to whom the status of "online" appears. If you choose “Nobody”, your status will be completely invisible on WhatsApp and you will not be able to see the activity of others either.

invisible no whatsapp status

The other step you can take to make your activity invisible in WhatsApp is to disable Read Commit, as we mentioned earlier.

This is what shows the little blue lines when someone reads your messages. When disabled, the dashes are always gray, indicating that the message has only been delivered to the recipient.

It is already enabled by default, so just hit the feature button still on the app's “Privacy” tab.

invisible on whatsapp privacy

As might be expected, it will also not be possible to know when someone has read your messages after disabling this option.

It is worth mentioning that these two configurations we mentioned can be modified at any time. It may even be a little annoying to have to turn them on or off depending on the situation, but more useful than receiving messages just because the app is open, for example.

Perhaps a more practical solution would be if WhatsApp adopted the ability to hide its status only for a few people. This way you would be invisible on WhatsApp more selectively.

Telegram, to cite one example, already has such an option. So it wouldn't be so hard to imagine that WhatsApp would end up having a similar feature from its rival in the future.

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