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How to be famous on TikTok [Guia Completo 2020]

TikTok is one of the biggest social networks of the moment, allowing the sharing of short videos of up to 60 seconds. Through it, it is possible to earn money, as long as it is popular. To help you with that, we've created a comprehensive guide on how to be famous on TikTok!

If you are interested in this, just keep reading and check all the items on the list to gain fame on the social network.

1. Choose a topic

The first, and most essential, point of learning how to be famous on TikTok by choosing your niche market, the specific topic your account will focus on. At TikTok, trying to cover all areas has no way of working.

This choice comes from the things you like, your profession and where you shine. For example, if you perform well, you can create videos using this, creating fun “theaters”. If you are good at makeup, you can create brief tutorials.

Use a genre of music in your videos, as a general rule, since how you want to create an audience, stick to what they like is important. Make lip-sync videos, if you're good at it, that the foundation of TikTok are videos of that type.

typical choice how to be famous on tiktok

2. Keep an eye on trends and take advantage of them

It will depend a lot on the type of content you produce and how important it is to take advantage of trends, but some of them still need to be used to gain followers.

For example, if you want to know how to be famous on TikTok with videos about cars, using the new folk dance is probably not necessary. However, you can put the most popular music of the moment to try to get attention.

The goal with this is to reach the"To you", since there are 30 million people who will be able to see you with ease, which will certainly not hinder your journey to stardom on TikTok.

3. Edit your videos

Using video editors is an excellent idea to be famous on TikTok and use that to work at home. For example, try changing the speed of a song and adding filters for a comedy effect.

Use the new TikTok filters to achieve popularity, but that's only after using external apps to make your videos look professional and sophisticated.

4. Use all the tools in the app, especially if they're new

Something quite obvious, the TikTok algorithm will use the tools offered by it, especially when they are recent. It is important that you realize that the app wants you to use what it gives you.

And, as it adds new filters, effects and the like, this is not so complicated, as much as keeping up with what is new and what is not a little difficult.

When people see an effect being used for the first time, on a video of yours, they are more likely to want to go to your profile to see more videos and follow you.

Better yet, when your videos can be reused by other users, such as remixing or reusing your audio, you will be tagged in these posts and more people will meet and follow you.

app tools how to be famous on tiktok

5. Be unique and show your audience things they haven't seen before

One sure way to make money with TikTok is to be weird and be comfortable with it. For example, an extremely popular account Friendly Quest, who posts the dancing skills of his scoop, Matilda, and has almost 10 million followers.

There, he not only posts her very cute dances, but also lots of health tips and how to take care of your pet puncture, such as tips on healthy snacks, toxic foods and the like, which have achieved over 1 million views.

This will make you stand out amidst the already super saturated contents of the platform, ensuring more that anyone who is sick of seeing more of the same will have something new to watch.

It is also important that you also create a specific virtual personality, which is strangely rare. Many of the creators simply upload videos of themselves dancing or the like, which is not exactly "nice" and does not create connections with audiences.

So, combine your creativity and strangeness, together to expose your personality an almost certain way to be famous on TikTok!

6. Make sure your videos are not too long

This is very important, since the platform is based on and essence short videos, which typically do not exceed 20 seconds, however much it allows them to reach up to 60 seconds.

As TikTok is focused on fun and entertainment quickly, this is very important, even though not all of its contents need to be so short.

7. Use the best hashtags

For those who want to know how to be famous on TikTok, learning how to use hashtags and how to choose which ones to use in each of your videos is really important. To help with this choice, we have a list of the 150 most used hashtags on TikTok.

Search for the most popular hashtags by clicking on the"To discover", where to see those associated with the most viewed videos of the moment. Join the trend, use the same hashtag and add the most popular song of the moment, which can help a lot of people to see your videos.

However, using only the most popular tags is not a good idea, as this will only result in your content being buried in a sea of ​​similar videos. So choose carefully what is going to put really important.

When entering the# to add the tag, TikTok itself will show you how many uses it has.

Their importance comes from a few key facts: by adding them, they will classify your videos and will make it easier for other users to find your videos. In addition, it is possible to create new hashtags for your niche, which will make you stand out!


8. Hitch a ride at the influential parents

Of course, there are several stories of people who manage to become famous with a video exploding, or simply using their talents. However, this is not true for everyone.

In these cases, taking advantage of the biggest influencers, making partnerships with them a good alternative to be famous on TikTok.

Basically, the idea is to talk to the most popular influencers so that they will publicize your account and your videos, which will make their followers pay more attention to you.

However, there is the problem of knowing which influencers you can trust, who will give you the exposure and the audience you want. So, it is right to evaluate the influencers one by one, just contacting the ones you like on a more personal level, with the ideals that are most appropriate.

This, however, can be difficult, since they need to get their attention. Famous influencers receive many messages and are constantly busy, so there is little time to spare.

One way to get some visibility from them by being the first to comment on their new posts. Always comment, ask for permission to repost the contents and try to establish a relationship with them.

There are even many influencers who are willing to promote you and help you be famous on TikTok in exchange for payment. For that, it is necessary to invest, but it can be very worthwhile.

Now, if your account already has some reputation, contacting more famous influencers can be easier (for example, if you have 200,000 followers and contact someone with 500,000). With this, both can be promoted and gain more followers in a somewhat easy way.

9. Keep posting videos daily

An essential point for anyone who wants to know how to be famous on TikTok to maintain a consistency of posted videos, without worrying about their reach. This is a trick that almost all the most popular personalities in TikTok used to achieve their placement.

The more you post per day, the better for you, since your posts always go to new and different people, which will invariably increase your reach and the extra income you get.

Of course, the frequency with which you need to post dictated by your content. For example, dance, comedy and lip-sync content need to have at least one video per day, while more specific things like science experiments, three or four posts per week may be sufficient.

10. If your video gets popular, take advantage of it

Most of the famous users of TikTok gained their popularity from nothing, from a video that gained many views.

To understand how to be famous on TikTok, I need to take advantage of this, of its most popular video, as soon as it explodes. When that happens, there are two options: either you keep posting frequently, with a lot of focus on the quality of the creations, or you lose your chance and need to wait until the next opportunity (if it will exist).

In general, posting videos right after going viral will guarantee a growing number of followers, helping anyone who wants to earn money from their fame.

11. Use other platforms to take advantage

In the topic of how to be famous on TikTok, knowing how to use other platforms and social networks to achieve increased popularity is very important.

For example, one thing you can do is create a compilation of all your videos and upload them to YouTube, which can be very helpful.

Connecting all social media profiles to your TikTok account makes it easier for all your friends and acquaintances to find you on the platform.

Share everything you create on your social networks, like Instagram and Facebook, with the link to your profile. This will make anyone who doesn't know that you have a TikTok, discover it and be able to like it there.

Submit to YouTube channels that compile your own TiKToks, which can help a lot, as many people go to YouTube to find exactly that type of video.

12. Make sure your videos are good to watch twice and are shareable

Both things are extremely necessary for anyone who wants to be famous on TikTok, since the algorithm takes this into consideration. When the same user reviews their videos, TikTok makes it more widespread.

In addition, the more it is shared from your followers, the more the app will spread it – and the more you will see it gain followers. But, of course, for this to work you need an audience.

13. Use some service to increase your exposure

The last step on how to be famous on TikTok is to use some of the best services that help your users to better manage their account and make you gain more followers in an organic way.

What we most recommend is Stim Social, used by creators of the most varied topics, such as food, beauty and e-commerce to attract new followers through comprehensive tools.

It also helps to drive traffic to your website (if you have one), increase your influence and even increase sales.

To see more about it, just follow the official website through the link and enjoy the five days of free trials!

Social Stim how to be famous on tiktok

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