How to back up your Android phone

Most data and settings can be cloud stored by Google and can easily be transferred to a new device or recovered if you restore factory settings. In the tutorial below, you will learn how to sync your data simply and automatically.

How to set up automatic backup of your Android

To perform automatic backup, you must have your primary Google account registered on your device. As a result, most company applications (such as Gmail and Google Calendar) will have their data automatically saved. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Settings" menu of your Android device and click on the "System" option.

2. Click on the "Backup" option.

3. Enable the "Back up to Google Drive" option.

From now on, your data will be synced automatically with your Google account, without having to back up manually.

How to automatically back up your photos

For files like photos and videos, Google provides a dedicated application called Google Photos. It has some advanced features, such as face and scenery recognition, as well as a basic photo editor. Its biggest differential, however, is the unlimited storage capability of photos and cloud videos (with 16 megapixel limit for photos and 1080p resolution for videos). Learn below how to enable Google Photos automatic backup:

1. Install the app through the Play Store.

2. When opening the application, select the menu in the northwest corner of the screen.

3. Click on "Settings".

4. Click on "Backup and sync".

5. Enable the "Backup and sync" option and if you want to select more folders to sync, click the "Back up device folders" option.

6. Select the additional folders you want to synchronize.

Ready! From now on, all your photos and videos will sync with your Google account and will be accessible from any Android device, iOS, and the dedicated Google Photos website.

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