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How to back up and export your playlists

Android backs up almost all of our data: phone contacts, photos and videos, music purchased by Play Music; but the playlists System and other applications are not automatically saved to the cloud. This is the function of Playlist Backup, an ugly but very simple and functional app.

The Playlist Backup interface is very basic and straightforward: 4 icons for 4 functions. It lets you back up and export playlists Poweramp and Play Music, and import music into playlists. Lists can be exported to a folder on the SD card or Dropbox.

playlist backup print BR
Few functions well performed. / ANDROIDPIT

Super simple operation, choose one of the 3 backup / export options, select the playlist available and wherever you want to export it (SD card or Dropbox). Okay, your song list has been saved. To export to Dropbox, you will need – in addition to having an account – to log in via the app.

playlist backup print2 BR
App confirmations. / ANDROIDPIT

Settings let you choose the SD card directory where the lists will be saved, the extent to which the lists will be saved, such as skipping duplicate entries and removing duplicate items automatically after synchronization with Poweramp.

The app also allows you to synchronize the playlists Poweramp and remove duplicate items from each list.

Some important details:

  • the application cannot back up Play Music lists if the files are online;
  • The app only has access to its own Dropbox folder;
  • Dropbox login performed by Dropbox API, ie Playlist Backup does not have access to your data.

Backup Playlist
Install on Google Play

The free Backup Playlist, without ads, is said to offer in-app purchases, but I haven't seen this option anywhere. It is at version 1.2.1, requires Android 2.2 and up, the APK weighs 575KB and the app occupies about 3MB.

In short, Playlist Backup is an extremely simple and basic application that performs its function well. a great solution for anyone who just needs to back up playlists.

Which other app with the same functionality do you recommend?

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