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How to avoid installing viruses on your Android

Google's position on Android OS security is clear: by downloading apps from the Play Store and keeping doors and passwords closed, your device will be safe. But Android is an open system and offers users a lot of possibilities, so it's hard to get the Google Playbook straight. Thinking about it, in the Android Beginner series, I decided to list some simple but effective tips for Prevent virus interference on your Android device.

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How to avoid installing viruses on your Android! / AndroidPIT
<h2>Give preference to Google Play Store apps</h2>
<p>Downloading apps from alternative stores, mostly illegal. Be aware that by doing so you are putting your device at risk, and this is also true of the most experienced users. The Google Play Store guarantees a good level of security and you won't run the risk of finding some nasty gift along the way. However, of course there are safe Play Store alternatives, such as Amazon, for example, which is officially recognized by Big G. So give preference to apps hosted on the Google Play Store, but if you need to use an alternative store, try to find out. more about her before downloading an apps.</p>
<h2>Before you download an app, check the installation permissions.</h2>
<p>Spend five minutes of your time checking the permissions the app requires before installing it, whether it's obtained from Google Play or any other Android app market. It is most important to understand which requirements are abusive for a given app. </p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Permissions such as camera or internet access, knowledge of your exact location, access to your contacts and email are common in messenger applications, for example. However, I need to keep in mind that if an app is capable of sending email or sms, it will have access to your contacts or messages. So make sure you need these licenses, as your data will be at risk here.

Overall, the Play Store is quite safe, but we may have access to malware apps. Therefore, caution is never too much, it is up to you to be vigilant. Be wary, for example, of games that need camera access. Don't download unrated or low-rated apps with low audience ratings.

Below you will find an article that explains in detail the main licenses and their meanings:

How to download APK files from the internet

Download APK files available from the very common network among the most experienced Android users, but I need to be very careful not to download any viruses when you choose this process. The idea here is to think of these files as you think of what you get: check the source of the apk first! Doing so will prevent your device from having an "indigestion." The tip here is to avoid downloading files that require opening random pages, and be wary of offers too good to be true, such as dozens of free paid apps. Also, beware of suspicious emails.

To avoid being caught off guard, use the standard Android security mechanisms. On devices running the latest versions of OS, accessing the settings follow the following path to disable access from unknown sources to the system: Security> Device Administration> Unknown Sources. By doing so, you will be asked whenever an application from unknown sources requests the installation.

apps outside play store
Disabling the option to install apps from unknown sources increases security. / ANDROIDPIT

Take the time to enable check apps, as you will be warned before installing apps that may cause damage to your device. The way the same: Settings> Security> Device Administration> Verify Applications.

This way the system will analyze the application you have installed. If deemed dangerous, the software will ask you for confirmation to proceed with the installation. Of course, if the file is safe and you are downloading it, just enable the box of unknown sources during the APK download and once the download is complete, disable the feature.

Use an antivirus

If you ask me if antivirus applications are really necessary, my understanding is the same as most: you can live without them. However, if you want to boost your Android's immune system, you should choose one of them, from the classic to the latest, all help when it comes to safety.

Interestingly, many of these softwares are free and offer additional functions such as locating the device and erasing the data in case of loss.

androidpit antivirus teaser
Avast is a very popular antivirus for PC and is already among the best for mobile devices! / ANDROIDPIT

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below. Also, if you have questions about applications you want to download and have not found any reviews here on the site, frum from AndroidPIT A great place to find answers and advice.

Article built in partnership with Tomaso Crespi, AndroidPIT.IT.

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