How to automatically set up Terra email on your iPhone or iPad

Many users who have just purchased a new iPhone or iPad find it difficult to set up a Earth on your device. The configuration is really complicated, as each region of the country needs to be configured with a different parameter.

Fortunately the provider itself offers a simplified solution for setting up your account.

Terra offers a configuration profile which makes all adjustments automatically, just install it for that. Follow the steps:

Step 1:

Access the website by your device You will see a kind of webapp still with the look of iOS 4. It is through it that you will configure your device in a simplified way.

Terra Configurator

Step 2:

Enter your login details. Since the page is from Terra itself, you need not worry. Fill in your full name first, then your username (without @ and your password. Choose between POP or IMAP connection (we recommend POP in this case). Touch the button Install.

Terra email information

Safari may ask to save the Terra password in iCloud Keys. You can ignore this if you want.

Step 3:

It will ask you to install a configuration profile. Touch the button Install.

Install Terra profile

As Terra created an unsigned profile, it will display a warning for that. Okay, as it is coming from Terra’s website, this makes us trust that it is safe. Touch Install to finish the process. If you ask for a password, enter the password for the device (the one you use to unlock the screen).

Unsigned profile

Step 4:

You will see that it will also install a shortcut to the web version of Terra Mail, but you will not need to use it. Open the app Mail and you will see that your Terra account is set up and can send and receive your messages normally. ?

You can remove this profile at any time, just go to Settings> General> Profiles. By removing the profile, your Terra settings will be deleted from the device.

This method is only for Terra accounts. For other providers it is necessary to make the normal configuration, via Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account.

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