How to automatically delete old text messages on Android

When your smartphone is low on memory, there are many ways to remedy the situation. One of them naturally get rid of old text messages and messages from the Hangouts. Today, we'll quickly show you how to allow your device to automatically delete text messages, with Hangouts, and the traditional text messaging app.

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Needing to free up space on your Android phone? Then try setting your messages to be deleted automatically. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>If you have a smartphone like Google <strong>Nexus 5</strong>so you are probably using Hangouts. Of course you can use Hangouts on just about any Android smartphone as long as you have a Google account. To be able to set up your Hangouts account so that old messages are deleted to free up memory, just go to the settings on the app's main screen. When you start Hangouts, go to the right screen below. Just click the menu button at the top right to get to your Hangouts settings. </p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>

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screenshot 1
When viewing the left screen, just swipe right to get an overview of the messages. / ANDROIDPIT

From here, choose SMS and uncheck "Delete old messages" by checking this option. Easy, isn't it?

screenshot 2
Choose 'SMS' and check 'Delete old messages': simple with Google Hangouts. / ANDROIDPIT

If you have a device Samsung And yet use the traditional text / SMS messaging app, setting your account to automatically delete messages is also easy, and you have a little more freedom to choose a message limit. When accessing the SMS application, press the menu button of your Samsung device, and select "Settings". From there, go to the general settings, and check the '' delete old messages '' box. You can choose the text message limit for SMS and MMS.

screenshot 3
If you have a Samsung smartphone, you probably use the messaging (SMS) application. Find the settings, and choose a limit on the number of messages. / ANDROIDPIT

If you are using another SMS application not listed above, there is still a way for you to automatically delete old text messages. You only need to access the settings to see what is available for your device and SMS application.

Did this method work for you? How do you manage old messages? Leave your opinion in the comments section!

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