How to answer calls on iPhone automatically

Apple introduced a lot of new features with iOS 13, but not only new things made Apple's mobile operating system: there are features that, even previously introduced, are unknown to many users, such as answer calls on iPhone automatically.

This option, originally implemented on iOS 11, has changed places in the latest version of the Ma OS. It allows iPhone to answer a call or call from FaceTime without even having to touch the device.

If you found the option convenient (especially if you work with something that often forces you to manually answer the phone), learn how to set it up on iOS 13 below:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Touch accessibility;
    IPhone settings
  2. Swipe down until you see the “Links audio” option;
  3. Touch “Auto Answer” and then enable the slider button;
  4. Set the amount of time iPhone should wait before answering the call automatically (you can reset the timer to answer it immediately or set several seconds).
    Auto Answer Time

Ready! 😉 It is noteworthy that any incoming call will be answered if you do nothing within the time stipulated above; Therefore, if you do not want to automatically answer calls from strangers, for example, there are two options:

  • Set a longer time to answer automatically so you can reject it manually;
  • Activate the new option to automatically silence unknown calls by redirecting them to the voice mail directly. To enable this option, go to Phone Mute Unknown within the Settings.

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