Adjusting brightness and text on your Apple Watch

How to adjust the brightness, sounds and feel of your Apple Watch

Use the Apple Watch it is as intuitive and simple as the iPhone itself. However, there are some features of the watch that may go unnoticed by many users, including simple functions such as adjusting the brightness, sounds and touch (tactile responses) of the gadget.

It is worth noting that all settings in the Apple Watch Settings app can also be accessed from the iPhone paired with the watch. In this tutorial, we will explain how to set them up without using the iPhone.

Adjust brightness

  1. Open the Settings app and rotate the Digital Crown (or swipe down) until you see the “Brightness and Text” menu.
  2. In the “Brightness” option, touch the lower light (left) or higher light (right) sign, or turn the Digital Crown to increase or decrease the screen brightness.

Adjusting brightness and text on your Apple Watch

On that same screen, it is also possible to adjust the text size of Dynamic Font compatible apps: just touch “Size” and adjust, from the controls on the screen (or by Digital Crown), the best font size for your reading.

Adjust the sound

Volume alert on Apple Watch

  1. In the Settings app, tap on “Sounds and Touch”.
  2. In the “Alert Volume” option, touch the volume icons (or turn the Digital Crown) to adjust the sounds of the device.
  3. If you prefer, it is also possible to activate the Quiet Mode from the slider (however, this setting can also be activated / deactivated through the Clock Control Center).

Adjust tact

Apple Watch tact adjustment

To adjust the intensity of the touches on the wrist that Apple Watch uses to notify you of alerts, open the “Sounds and Touch” menu (as in the previous topic) and scroll down to the “Touch” option. Then select between the “Standard” or “Prominent” options.

Apple Watch Digital Crown Adjustment

On the Apple Watch Series 4, you can also configure an extra tactile response option. In this sense, in the settings of “Sounds and Touch” of the Settings app, it is possible to disable (or activate) the touch of the Digital Crown during rollovers.

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