How to adjust photo blur without having to buy a new iPhone

With the XS and XS Max iPhones properly launched, we have already tried to analyze the differentials of these models in comparison to the iPhone X.

In summary, the devices are very similar and their great differential (speaking of features) is the possibility of controlling the depth of field, that is, adjust how blurry the background of the photo is.

And this can be done on both the rear and front cameras – and it is also possible to do this on the iPhone XR, since it is something – according to Apple – made possible thanks to the A12 Bionic processor.

Depth Control on iPhone XS

But does anyone who has the iPhone X and really liked this novelty really need to change phones just because of that? The answer is no! Even though Apple does not release this feature natively on the iPhone X (and other models, such as the iPhones 8 Plus and 7 Plus, for example), there are applications that make this task as easy as.

And the best of all? You don’t have to spend absolutely, not even $ 1.

With the app Spotlights, for example – which we have already highlighted here on the website -, you can easily control the level of blur in the background with a slider, just like Apple offers in the new iPhones.

Focos App for iOS

Although I haven’t personally tested it yet, I particularly found the interface of Apple’s solution – based on your demo – more interesting.

Nor do I doubt that the result of the native iOS feature is better.

Still, the Focos app is there to prove that you can easily control the level of background blur in photos taken with the two cameras on the iPhones 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X (Portrait Mode).

Focos App for iOS

In addition, in addition to controlling this level of blur, you can also choose to focus on a completely different area of ​​the photo, as we can see in the image above – something that Apple will not offer on iOS.

The quality of the effect varies widely from image to image and the level of blur you apply, however.

The Focos app offers such options free of charge; however, many other options and features of the app are only unlocked by a monthly subscription of R $ 3.50, annual subscription of R $ 22.90 or, for those who prefer, a single payment in the amount of R $ 34.90 – whatever, it’s much cheaper than changing your iPhone. ?

Focos app icon

via Wojtek Pietrusiewicz and Ben Geskin