How to add 'People you know' in Google Assistant

Google Assistant feature makes it easy to interact with your most important mobile contacts. Learn how to use it!

Google Assistant is installed by default on all Android devices, and is a powerful tool for speeding up some everyday tasks. Keeping up with system updates and user needs, fortunately, the virtual assistant is increasingly implementing new features.

In turn, one of the last additions made to him is the “People you know” function, which serves to add some more specific information from your most frequent or close contacts to facilitate interaction with them. Here's how to add the “People you know”In Google Assistant.

Adding “People You Know” in Google Assistant

The process of adding your contacts like this in Google Assistant is very simple and doesn't have a limited number of people to add, but they need to be in your contact list. Check out how to proceed:

  1. Open Google Assistant normally on your phone and swipe your screen up. Then tap the avatar icon of your account;


  2. In the new screen, click "People you know" and then "Add person";


  3. If prompted to choose an app, select the option from your “Contacts” and choose the person to add ”;


  4. Fill in the requested data and when ready, tap "Add."


Once you have added a person you know, instead of having to call the contact by their phonebook name, you will be able to call them as defined in Google Assistant. In addition, you can also ask Google Assistant questions such as: what is my mother's date of birth or call my mother.


Despite having the option to add the contact's address, in tests performed by the Digital Look On two different devices, it was still not possible to ask for a route or path for the “person you know” using the new function. In this situation, Google Assistant just did a web search bringing addresses from random locations or stores.

Ready! Now you know how to use the new Google Assistant feature to get information more easily from people you know.

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