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How to add keywords to Chrome bookmarks

At the time when I used Firefox, one of the most fantastic things (besides the extensions) that I saw in the browser was the possibility to add a keyword to a certain bookmark and, when typing it, access the site instantly.

I even remember three that I used a lot: gd, for Google Discovery, g1, for G1, and gmail to Gmail.

Although they seemed silly favorites, as I never liked to leave my browsing history saved in Firefox, they helped me save a considerable amount of time at the end of the day. Imagine how many .with and I stopped typing?: p

Then Chrome was born. Since launch of the first Beta version, it is my default browser (you can read, in the comments, how excited I was about the browser). Although, from the beginning, I became a fan of the browser, I never failed to regret the lack of a keyword option in his favorites. ?

Did you sympathize with me? Do you also have this frustration with Chrome? So forget all the regrets, as there is a way (even if unofficial) to add keywords to Chrome?s favorites. : D

Right-click on the omnibox and then click Edit search engines.

On the next screen, click Add (or Add, depending on the version used).

fill in Name with the name of the website in question, Keyword with the word you want to use to get quick access to the site, and in URL, to the website address. If you prefer, a Ctrl + C ? Ctrl + V helps a lot.

When typing the newly created keyword in the omnibox, the first website to appear in the list of suggestions will be exactly what corresponds to the word entered. As it will already appear selected, just use the Enter and enjoy your favorite website.

Via: Lifehacker

Thanks to the friend Newton Mota for the tip!