How to activate your Apple product warranty and find the nearest authorized dealer

Did your iPhone fall to the floor and the screen shattered? Or has Touch ID stopped working? Or maybe the battery is showing a warning that it needs repair? So it’s time for you to look for a technical assistance Apple, as device problems cannot be solved by software.

But how to search? You can even go to a “generic” service and they will solve your problem for a cheaper price, but rarely will they use original parts and your device may, over time, bring you more headaches. The ideal is always to look for a authorized Apple service, which will charge a little more, but at least you will have all the official support in case something happens later.

Apple created a special application which lists all of your devices, tells you if they’re still covered by the warranty, and even gives you the service address closest to you.

We already talked about the app Support. He’s practically a must-have that everyone needs to have installed on their iPhones and iPads, to have quick help in case of need.

  • Download the Apple Support app now: link

He is great. You connect with your Apple ID and it already lists all your devices associated with the account, including whether or not the warranty is valid. He also finds technical assistance for you and even allows you to schedule a time.

The whole process is very easy. Follow the step by step:

Step 1: Open the Support application. If you have not installed it, install it here. Remember to authorize the location so that it knows where you are.

Step 2: Log in and search the list for the device you’re having trouble with.

Step 3: Select the best alternative that fits your problem.

Step 4: Touch “Find locations now”To see the options you have closest to your region.

Step 5: Reserve an available time.

There, everything done by the application, quickly and easily. You can also choose to speak to someone over the phone or access texts that explain how to resolve the situation.

It is always good to remember that there are cases where the warranty does not cover, for example, dropping the iPhone and the screen cracking. Even so, the authorized one exchanges the screen (using original parts) for a fixed amount.

It is best to always protect your device, with protective covers and screen films, so that small accidents do not hinder the use of the device.