How to activate Whisper Mode and lower Alexa's voice

If you are afraid to talk to Alexa late at night because your shrill responses can wake up the whole house, you can activate a setting that reduces Alexa's voice to a simple whisper.

After activating Alexa's whisper mode, the assistant does a little test whispering to you first, so that you can then speak softly near her.

It is a neat trick, which apparently requires a reasonable amount of research and technical knowledge to perform. However, the main point that the Whisper Mode (Whisper Mode, in English) contributes to an effective way of talking to Alexa even using a lower voice.

It is worth noting that Whisper Mode only works on Echo speakers, such as Echo and Echo Dot. If you try to whisper to Alexa using the Android or iOS application, the assistant will respond using the normal voice tone.


How to enable Alexa Whisper Mode

  1. Open the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Touch the menu button and v Settings> Voice Answers.
  3. Activate the Whisper Mode.
  4. You can always ask Alexa to ā€œDisable Whisper Modeā€ or do this manually in the assistant application.

Now, here's an annoying thing about Whisper Mode: although the setting applies to all Echo speakers connected to your Amazon account, you need to perform this procedure on each of the Echo devices before Alexa starts to recognize your whispers automatically .

This is because the first time you whisper to a certain Echo device, Alexa speaks in her normal tone of voice ā€œI think you just whispered to meā€, and she continues to explain what the Whisper Mode before finally lowering her voice . However once this is done, Alexa should respond correctly to your whispers on the first attempt and return to speaking normally when you speak to her in a normal voice.