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How to access the Galaxy S3 secret menu

Many may not know that the Galaxy S3 has some really cool secret functions. We have already shown in this article the hidden options of Galaxy S4 (some also valid for S3), and now we will explain how You can access the device's service menu, through which you can test the pixels, sensors and touch screen reaction, among others.. Ideal to make a checkup device and even to avoid a service visit.

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But how is this service menu accessed? The diagnostic tool was primarily designed for technicians, so it is quick to access but little known. Just go to your device dialer and enter the following code: * # 0 * #

AndroidPIT Galaxy S3 Service Menu 0
Enter * # 0 * # on the dialer to activate the service menu (right). / AndroidPIT

This code will activate the menu service seen above, with options that go through color testing (so you can see if there are any dead pixels on the screen) speaker performance, LEDs, cameras and vibration. Some of these functions will not be useful in everyday life, but it is always good to know where to test them. So if something on this list starts to malfunction, now you know where to go to check before seeking help. I will give some test examples that can be done.

AndroidPIT S3 Service Menu 1
You can test all sensors (left) and your screen colors (right) / AndroidPIT
AndroidPIT S3 Service Menu 2
Touch screen reaction test (left) and low frequency LCD screen test (right). / AndroidPIT

Check out our list of secret codes for Android (not the specific Samsung codes).

If you have root access and want to explore more secret settings of your Galaxy S3, try the Note 2 Hidden Settings app. You have a test of the app in this article.

Have you tried to fix your cell phone by yourself? Did you know the secret codes of Android?

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