How the "twist" of Huawei's exclusion from the UK's 5G network will affect the Chinese manufacturer

How the "twist" of Huawei's exclusion from the UK's 5G network will affect the Chinese manufacturer

At the time, it was believed that a total ban by Huawei would mean that the British territory would face difficulties in the development of the 5G network. The United Kingdom also claimed that it had the necessary technological means to protect the country from possible espionage situations.

Now the situation is different and a change is evident in the way the NCSC looks at the country's security risks. Recent international developments mean that this orientation has now changed, as well as our recommendations to the UK government, can be read in a publication on the organization's website.

The new sanctions imposed on Huawei in May further restricted the Chinese company's ability to manufacture equipment using US technology or software. As a consequence, this means that you will need to make major changes in the way you design and build your telecommunications equipment, suggests the agency.

In addition to manufacturing gadgets such as smartphones, computers and tablets, Huawei is also betting, for example, on equipment that can be found on telecommunications networks in the United Kingdom. Prior to this decision making, the NCSC, and other predecessor bodies, worked to ensure the best use of Huawei's technology, keeping the UK safe.

The new sanctions in the United States lead NCSC to believe that Huawei is unlikely to continue to use United States technology and software in terms of equipment design and manufacture. And, after closely analyzing the impact of these changes in the United Kingdom, the organization considers that the country is not prepared to manage the security risks of using the new technology in future 5G networks.

Huawei: US and UK security danger charges

Suspicions about the Chinese manufacturer have existed since 2011, but the effective blockade only materialized in 2019. In question, there were "unacceptable risks" for national security, since the US claimed, albeit without evidence, that the Chinese company you could be installing backdoors in your products to have access to sensitive information.

More recently, the United States has stated that there is evidence of Huawei's alleged espionage. The US government claims that the Chinese manufacturer has started to install backdoors in its products since 2009, when it started to market 4G mobile network infrastructure.

Although the evidence found by the United States only became public in February of this year, the country would have shared it with countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany in late 2019. Now, it seems that the pressure made since 2018 by the government of Donald Trump under his allies to stop using Huawei equipment had effects.