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How the new iOS Migration tool works

IOS 12.4 has brought a new feature for iPhones and iPads: the ability to perform data migration from an old iPhone to a new, wired or wireless connection. Interestingly, Apple already allowed this between an Android and an iPhone, but not between two devices of the apple itself.

Here's how the process works, for when you decide to change iPhone.

Apple calls the process ?Quick StartAnd it's very similar to how Apple Watch paired: As you approach a restored iPhone, a (modal) window appears on your current device asking if you want to configure the other with your information.

Pressing the Resume button displays a new data transfer screen on the new iPhone, where you decide whether to transfer from another device or directly from iCloud.

If you choose the first one, you will have to scan with the camera of the new device an image that will appear on the old device. In doing so, the process begins.

It is also possible to carry out the process by cable, but it requires the use of adapters so that it has two tips of the type Lightning.

Everything transferred from the old device to the new: photos, contacts, documents, settings, and the data of each application. However, the apps themselves are downloaded directly from the App Store, which requires an internet connection. If an app is on the old iPhone but no longer exists in the store, you won't be able to reinstall it through the migration process. In this case, only if you have a copy of it stored in iTunes on your computer (and is still compatible with system 12.4).

After the migration is done, some things you have to do manually, as they are not passed on in the migration. Apple Pay cards, for example, will have to be added again. If you have in-app subscriptions or made internal purchases, you will need to look for the option restore purchases. You also need to pair all the Bluetooth accessories you normally use from scratch.

interesting to note that only the new device needs to be with the iOS 12.4 for migration to work; The previous one just need to have a version from iOS 11.