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How the Linux world is changing because of games

The gaming industry is a wildly large market and is far more important than those who don't enjoy playing so much believe, directly and indirectly influencing large portions of the market. Today we will understand how Linux is part of this universe and how you can help propel this movement.

A few years ago our YouTube channel was started keeping in mind the proposal to show available games for Linux. Of course, at that time, when Valve had just launched its Steam client, porting only a few of its popular penguin games, like the late one. Left 4 Dead 2, The gaming world on Linux was much narrower than today.

Any day i do a live his to miss the longing.

Since then a lot has changed, besides the number and variety of games, so I invite you, especially if you at the Enjoying games, diving with me in an analysis of how support for more games has changed the way Linux distros work and also the social outlook regarding the adoption of Linux as a desktop platform.

Games and driver enhancement

Regardless of whether you like to play or not, one thing that can make a good difference in your productivity is the performance of your drivers, especially the video drivers. The market has a very logical way of working, even if eventually manipulated, it still respects supply and demand, and driver demand for Linux a few years ago was very low without games. Linux and Nvidia

Linux drivers "always" existed, but before Valve forced Linux into the gaming market in 2012/2013, attention to Linux drivers was focused on corporate versions of the cards used in data processing, rendering and even supercomputing. , while the desktop was set aside, at least partially.

If we have better drivers today to use on our computers that are equivalent to those of Windows, the most traditional desktop platform, we owe a lot to games. Some companies have become open source in this process, like AMD for example, which now distributes its drivers directly through the Linux kernel.

In addition to the video drivers

The interest of companies for technologies that involve notorious games today, gamification of work is very fashionable today, and for nothing, it simply increases productivity and, according to some studieseven to happiness who works this way. People's interest in games and Linux (and games on Linux) has increased dramatically in recent years, although some may say that in the end the gross numbers aren't huge.

In that case I tell you "that's fine", they are not even relevant to the current point in the story, the number could be even less or higher that would not make much difference today, after all, just the beginning.

But these searches show that people are not tied to Windows necessarily because they like Windows itself, they like what the platform can run, obviously not everyone fits this metric, but something to think about:

Do people use Windows because they like Windows or because they have to use it because of software or games? That's a great question, no doubt.

When the market begins to look at Linux as a viable alternative to gaming, other people are starting to get closer, and these are professionals from many different areas who also bring their knowledge to the system.

The year 2018 brought one of the most impressive moments in the release and production of Linux applications, thanks to initiatives such as Flatpak, Snap, AppImage and greater accessibility from famous distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro, Linux Mint, Elementary OS and Even Deepin, who shows that to use Linux you don't have to be "graduating in quantum physics", just have a minimum of curiosity and a desire to learn something new.

Developers will always go after users and will be where they are, it is not enough to be good, it has to be known, there has to be a considerable amount of users, which is why the growth of the market for "open paths" in the "open source" sense of the word "bring us good omens.

The market division

Most people who compare the Market share Linux with Windows on Desktops notices a big difference, but apart from the fact that it is impossible to be sure about the numbers of Linux on the Desktop, after all there is usually no record or anything like there is on Windows and macOS, noteworthy how much More and more people have been using the platform on their computers in recent years.

Think Short Term: Just five years ago, much less people used Linux, what could happen in five years? Five years ago we had few Linux games, today it is safe to bet on 70% of Steam, thanks to Steam Play (Proton), what will come in five years?

More pragmatically, it is difficult for Linux to reach Market share of Windows someday, not impossible, of course, but I may not have all the buzz I have today to write this blog when (and if) that day comes, unless Microsoft decides it will turn Windows into one. Linux based service, something that a few years ago would be unimaginable, and today not so much, some people even cheer for it.

Still, I don't think we need to compare Linux (as a desktop platform) with Windows in this case, we can go straight to second place, macOS. MacOS is a fantastic, practical operating system, but it also has its own limitations, like every system.

The prohibitive price, especially in Brazil, of Apple products ends up making it difficult for masses to adopt MacOS, or do you really think that if people could download MacOS and install it easily as they do with Windows the "apple" system would have so few users? Moreover, as much as it makes no sense, for many people, apparently, part of the "grace" lies in just paying dearly for the products.

Fun Fact: They say why a kidney is worth about $ 250,000 on the black market, if you sell one kidney you can buy two iMac PRO, one for you and one for your wife or husband, and you still have some change to spend on the dongles.

The word "few", of course, is figuratively, after all, a few million users are not just a few people, just as millions of Linux users are not yet MacOS, ranking second in desktop market popularity, and apparently comfortable with it, it has about 8 to 10% of Market sharedepending on the source you search for.

With this number of users, macOS is considered by many to be an important platform, of course having the multimillion-dollar Apple behind helps a lot.

If Linux on Desktop is far from Windows, MacOS is not all that …

To tell the truth, little difference and Linux has a possibility of exponential growth in the way it is developing now, especially with Chrome OS, Steam and possibly Epic Games next year.

Games are just a gateway

Along with games, many different technologies can get closer to Linux, the open source way of working has become increasingly interesting as it is less costly for businesses and brings higher quality to the base software, which is certainly one of the reasons why. Microsoft have advertising that your browser is now based on the Chromium project.

The number of people who are still uninformed about games on Linux or who are completely unaware of the ease and quality of using a distro like Linux Mint are probably countless, to name just one example.

How our channel has been helping to change that

Some time ago we decided to take a step beyond YouTube where we have, thanks to you blog readers, the world's largest viewing / subscribing channel using Linux and Open Source as a guideline majority, which is little, especially considering our language. Brazilians are passionate about Linux and open technologies.

As I said at the beginning of the article, Diolinux on YouTube started with the idea of ​​showing games, but when developing the channel it was noticeable how much the Brazilian community was, at the time, lacking information regarding the daily use of Linux on the desktop. and eventually other technologies, for this reason, the channel ended up receiving a different vis and the game content has been in the background over time, only appearing in special videos, such as this, which we intend to repeat soon:

Our audience on YouTube has become more segmented with Linux, it's more serious, professional people who are passionate about the possibilities that Linux and technology can bring, and of course, many of them are passionate about games too.

A few years ago I made a video saying that "Linux made me a gamer again", that was the moment when I realized that I, who had disconnected from the gaming world during a technical course especially and was almost 3 years ago without playing anything, I had approached the games again thanks to the size of Steam for Linux.

THE a special place for gamers. For you who don't know, Twitch is the nook of internet gamers, where people make daily livestreams of several different games and millions of people just follow, where big companies in the eSports world make their official broadcasts, a special place like I said. This is where we intend to promote Linux as a gaming platform! 🙂

December 2018 represents the fourth month in which we do daily lives on Twitch playing EVER Linux games, which run on Linux natively via Wine, emulators, or whatever, seeking to break the bias of people who think Linux can't be used for gaming and entertainment, as well as creating a community of friends and special people. who understand how much this paradigm shift helps everyone, including the non-gambler, and are always supporting us and walking alongside us on this journey that promotes true cultural change.

Proof that our upcoming Twitch project is bringing results, that several people who had never heard of "Diolinux" arrived there, got to know the channel and are having contact with Linux for the first time.

"– Wow, I didn't know Linux was running a game!"or"– Wow, I didn't know I had this game for Linux" or yet "– Wow! You play badly as hell! ", are very common!

A very interesting case happened this past week, when we were doing our traditional live on Saturday afternoon, we were playing CS: GO's new Battle Royale mode, Danger Zone, on Linux on our Twitch channel, when a person joined the live chat and started interacting with the guys. After a few moments we discovered that it was a boy of only 10 years who was probably interested in just playing the game, or learning to play with us, but who is now in touch with a new world of technology that most of us , or at least I, had just counted as an adult.

All this thanks to a game!

The sooner people will get in touch properly with this technology, the more likely they are to grow and become better professionals, to understand the technology as a whole and not be limited to what "common sense" is. And we still have a simple side effect, that access to a safer and free operating system to run games without piracy, without toolbar, without having to pay.

Your action makes a difference, you can change the world with your click

Most of the Linux community that consumes our extremely engaged content, but still, maybe they didn't understand the power of your click.

Recently I saw a video that talked about "freedom and change the world", the author suggested something that makes a lot of sense in my head, he said:

– Do you want to change the world?

– You do not "can" or do not have "ability" to directly help your cause?

Help that they are fighting for you and with you.

Get your wallet, spread it.

I couldn't agree more, how many times have you collaborated with any open source project financially? How many times have you posted related material?

In fact, I want to thank all those who believe that our work is helping to make a difference and help us through Padrim, the Channel Club and send us Bits and Super Chats in the lives of YouTube and Twitch!

I also take the opportunity to announce that from now on, a percentage of our store profit, DioStore, will be converted into donations for Open Source projects that our customers can choose from.

However, money really not all, your action, your click makes the difference! Have you read any useful articles for you here and not shared? This article could have helped more people and more people if you had "just clicked" and put even more people in touch with that kind of content.

Help us reach more people, your gesture may sound simple but it does total difference, share our articles, share our videos, click on the likes, share our Twitch channel, watch our lives, help us! We are much stronger with you, you help us have a voice!

You can do all this with simple clicks of your mouse and taps on your mobile screen, so you will be helping the world to know and understand new possibilities, in many cases you will even be freeing People who are dissatisfied but who think that the only way to do things is the traditional way they have been taught, in order to have freedom of choice, I need to know all the options.

Will it help us spread this article? 🙂

A big hug! See you in our lives and on YouTube too.

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