how the first iPhone was almost revealed to a FedEx employee

Curiosity: how the first iPhone was almost revealed to a FedEx employee

In just over five years of existence, the iPhone has collected several interesting stories, such as the iPhone 4 lost in the bar and the time that Steve Jobs called a Google executive to change the yellow of the logo. Now, an Apple employee told the Business Insider how the original iPhone almost leaked.

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One of the last iPhone prototypes had a problem with Wi-Fi. Due to the short time available to fix the defect, Apple engineers went to Steve Jobs’ house, which had very thick walls, to carry out a series of tests. . And during the battery of tests, a FedEx employee (equivalent to the United States Post Office) appeared.

[…] Then Steve Jobs left and went to meet him, as he had to sign to get the package, but he took an iPhone in one of his hands. Steve walked normally, hid the phone behind his body with his arm, signed the package, and the FedEx guy left.

You have to understand, when we took the cell phones over to his house, we took them in those safe Pelican boxes. These cell phones were not supposed to leave Apple’s campus, and Steve usually placed it behind his back. This was the first time that I saw someone getting close to seeing the iPhone before it was announced, and he didn’t even know it. If the FedEx guy had tilted his head a little, he would have seen it.

And he probably would have said, «Nice cell phone!» ?