How the 2011 film Contagion predicted the pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19

With the advancement of the new coronavirus around the world, many people have been looking for the film Contgio (2011).

See what the creators of the feature say

Launched in 2011, the film Contgio (or Contagion, in English) is gaining prominence again.

With the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the film is impressive for bringing such real details about the current situation.

Therefore, the creators of Contagion talked to the press to tell how they predicted the appearance of COVID-19 in the world.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the production has in the cast Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne and Marion Cotillard.

In history, a fictitious virus (SEM-1) emerges from a bat, passes to a pig, and finally reaches humans.

Contgio shows a woman who traveled and contracted the virus in Hong Kong.

Back in her country, she dies and her husband is forced to be quarantined.

Scene from the movie ContgioContgio was launched in 2011

Still, it doesn't take long for the virus to spread and kill thousands of people in a short period of time.

As seen in the COVID-19 situation, the people in the film start to panic and scientists race against time in search of a cure.

The feature allows the viewer to screen the virus.

Activities of WHO – World Health Organization and the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (from the United States) act to prevent the advance of MEV-1 around the world.

However, the situation is even more delicate, creating chaos and more than 20 million deaths.

Contgio it also highlights how many diseases in recent years have arisen from animals: the same has happened with HIV, Ebola, Sars and now with the COVID-19.

Contgio is back on top

With the coronavirus pandemic, the film was again in high demand on the internet.

It is among the most popular on streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime and also appears in the Top 10 of iTunes, gives Apple.

In addition, it continues to be sought after by many Brazilians in Google.

The coronavirus effect made the film the second most watched in the Warner Bros. He was in 270 position last December, when the new coronavirus was still unknown.

Now, he only loses to the classic Harry Potter.

Other features such as Epidemic (1995) and 12 Monkeys (1995) they are also making success today because of the new coronavirus, but Contgio it has aroused even more the curiosity of people, who want to understand the moment in which we live.

Contgio sceneContgio had a budget of 60 million dollars.

The film managed to raise 136 million dollars

"Tense, strictly planned and reinforced by a stellar cast, Contagion an exceptionally intelligent disaster film – and scary"

says the review on Rotten Tomatoes

On Rotten Tomatoes, Contgio already counts with 85% of classification. “Taking a clean, chronological and blunt approach, Soderbergh keeps a close eye on panic and chaos. a disaster film with brain and conscience ”says one of the critics. “The best pandemic film to date”, evaluated another.

What the creators say

Scene of two people with mask in the film ContgioCreators explain how Contgio was produced

Scott Z.

Burns, the film's screenwriter, said he spent months studying pandemics.

For the film, he hired renowned epidemiologists to develop a real plot, training actors who would act as health authorities, doctors and scientists.

When I started talking to experts, they all said: ‘In terms of another pandemic, when, remembered Burns.

Ian Lipkin, professor of epidemiology of Columbia University (United States), helped Scott Z.

Burns in the construction of the film, as he has vast experience in the area.

Throughout his career, he has managed to identify hundreds of new diseases.

For Contgio, Ian told all his experience with the Sars, in 2003, in Beijing, for the director.

The actors also went to their lab and analyzed how to bring an even more realistic scenario to the film.

Ian Lipkin also helped Burns in post-production.

It wouldn't be pure entertainment – in fact, there are some public health messages.

The idea was to make people aware of the fact that emerging diseases will continue to appear and resurface

Ian Lipkin, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University (USA), who was a scientific consultant for the film.

The 2011 film Contagion featured experts in the health field during its productionThe 2011 film Contagion featured experts in the health field during its production

Contgio was inspired by the father of Burns.

He was very concerned that the flu could become a pandemic.

BurnsHowever, I did not want to make a common film about disasters related to these viruses.

So he went to the epidemiologist Dr.

Larry Brilliant, responsible for the successful eradication of smallpox.


Brilliant he still remembers how we do not know how to deal with situations like the current one.

When the suna flu epidemic broke out, the public reacted strangely.

In addition, many people were intrigued by the alarmism of health authorities.

“We all started talking about the fact that modernity in knowing what a true pandemic was like”

said epidemiologist Dr. Larry Brilliant.

How to watch

If you have not yet watched the film, it is available on some platforms.

At Amazon Prime, it can be rented (only in dollars) for four or ten dollars, in the USA.

At the YouTube and in Google Play (films), the production can be purchased for R $ 19.90 or rented for R $ 7.90.

At Apple TV, the values ​​and purchase and rent follow the same YouTube (R $ 19.90 and R $ 7.90, respectively).

In-app HBO GO, Contgio is available free of charge to all subscribers.

The rent can also be made by Looke, for R $ 7.99.

And you, reader, have watched Contgio? Then comment below.

Source: South China Morning Post; News18; Rotten Tomatoes.