How Pokmon Go Won My Heart In Less Than 24 Hours

How Pokmon Go Won My Heart In Less Than 24 Hours

Nintendo partnered with Pokmon Company and Niantic and the result was an augmented reality multiplayer game based on user location. Pokmon Go is only available in three countries, but it has already become a fever worldwide. Learn how, without even being able to download the app through the Play Store, I'm already buying pokcoins inside the app and hunting down Pokemon around the city park.

If you haven't identified it yet, Niantic is the agency responsible for Ingress, an Android game that mixes features of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), RPG and interaction with the environment through augmented reality.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

The only thing you'll want to know: you gotta catch'em all!

If Ingress had a more serious and suspenseful grip, Pokmon Go is much more fun and relaxed. The idea is to search, capture, fight and train Pokemon that are "loose" around the world. Creatures appear in public places and players can interact through battles.

Why is Pokmon Go worth the download?

Because it is fun and has an excellent appeal: reasonable goals. From the age of 33, I couldn't imagine leaving work, and walking home, pulling out my smartphone to catch Pokemon. Given the nature of my work, incidentally, I could even say that I was testing an application to write about it. But no, I was having a lot of fun and knowing details of the commute I go home every day.

poaching pokemon
great fun finding a Pokmon along the way / ANDROIDPIT

As well as being fun and having well-defined goals, Pokmon Go is easy to play, intuitive, and basically uses Ingress but simplified graphics. You can assemble your character, just like in a console game. cinematics They are quite simple, but the interaction is fast and you know very well what to take.

Although my phone is set to Portugus, the game started in English. For my German and Spanish colleagues, however, the game started automatically in their respective languages.

But what caught my attention was seeing the data and battery consumption that Pokmon Go consumed in just over 30 minutes of use. Of course, the download didn't come from the Play Store, but still, this would be pretty much the first time an APK from a third party has consumed so much power. But on second thought, this may be the main reason.

pokemon data consumption
Energy consumption scares a little / ANDROIDPIT

I confess that I wish I had played a lot more. However, this is a game that plays on the move, so you would need to walk around the city to conquer a large number of Pokemon. For this reason, I still can't reach level 5, which unlocks the multiplayer and gives access to the gyms to train my characters. Soon, I'll still have some fun time ahead.

Now, one thing for sure, with Pokmon Go, at the end of the day, the only thing you'll want to know: you gotta catch'em all!

pokemon achievements
The goal is to find as many Pokemon as possible / ANDROIDPIT

How to download Pokmon Go in Brazil

Pokmon Go is currently available only in the US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. However, by downloading APK from third party websites such as APKMirror, it is possible to run the game. Despite appearing on the Play Store, the title cannot be downloaded in Brazil at this time. However, in-app purchases are already possible.

pokemon in-app purchases
Unable to download from Play Store, but in-app purchases are active and not cheap / ANDROIDPIT

I tried to contact the app developers to learn more about the reasons why the partner companies did not release the game globally, but unfortunately got no response. However, looking at the success of this announcement, it was noticed that Nintendo managed to make another mistake. He seems not to have learned from the Miitomo.

What is yet to come

According to what was announced months ago, we can still expect the release of a Bluetooth device called Pokmon Go Plus. This item is a small gadget that looks like a mix of a pokeball with a Google Maps location symbol, where users can use it as a bracelet or PIN. When something happens in the game – Like a wild pokmon appears next to the trainer – Pokmon Go Plus can vibrate or light an LED to warn.

pokemon plus go
The Pokmon Go Plus / Polygon

And, have you tried the little game yet? What about?

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