How much would it cost to subscribe to all Apple services?

Yesterday, at Apple's special event, we finally learned how much the two new services announced a few months ago by the company: Apple Arcade and Apple TV +.

And their value has positively surprised both outside and here. Both the game subscription service and the streaming of videos will cost $ 5 or $ 9.90 per month, which is excellent.

Now that we know these numbers, it's good to know how much it would cost someone in Brazil to subscribe * all * services offered today by Apple. Let's go?

  • ICloud Storage: R $ 3.50 (50GB), R $ 10.90 (200GB) or R $ 34.90 (2TB);
  • Apple Music: R $ 8.50 (university), R $ 16.90 (individual) or R $ 24.90 (family);
  • Apple Arcade: R $ 9.90;
  • Apple TV +: R $ 9.90.

One service that is obviously missing from this list is Apple News +, which has not yet arrived in Brazil. In the United States, it costs $ 10 a month.

Considering therefore a median subscriber with a 200GB plan on iCloud and Apple Music for the family, we are talking about a monthly fee of R $ 55.60. Just here, now we can imagine a future peacock like Apple Prime that would encompass all of this for, say, R $ 44,90 per month. Good?

A post on Reddit, however, went beyond and included in the bill also the monthly payment of an iPhone 11 Pro Max with AppleCare +. The idea, of course, would be for Apple to "tie" the customer with an "eternal" monthly package that would pay not only for their hardware, but also for all the services around them.

How much would you be willing to pay for something like that, considering a reasonable discount? Something to think about, no doubt.