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How much does it cost to repair AirPods Pro in Brazil?

The AirPods Pro are for sale in Brazil. They have some very interesting differentials compared to the ?common? AirPods, which naturally makes their price higher. And if the price is higher, the value of the repair too.

In fact, there is no ?fix? in the case of AirPods. All Apple does is take your old defective product and exchange it for a new one, be it just the left earpiece, the right one, the charging case or, in the case of AirPods Pro, even the silicone tip.

We have already reported the repair prices for AirPods Pro in the United States; now, with their arrival in Brazil, Apple released the values ??in reais. Check the table below:

ProductReplacement of batteryRepair (out of warranty) Replacement of lost product
AirPods Pro R $ 339 R $ 609 each R $ 609 each
AirPods Pro wireless charging case R $ 339 R $ 609 R $ 679

Apple took the opportunity to make a small readjustment in the repair value (?battery change?) of the ?common? AirPods ? remembering that, even in this case, Apple also takes the ?old? accessory and exchanges for a new one:

ProductReplacement of batteryRepair (out of warranty) Replacement of lost product
AirPods R $ 259 R $ 339 R $ 479 each R $ 479 each
AirPods charging case R $ 339 R $ 409 R $ 409
AirPods wireless charging case R $ 339 R $ 479 R $ 539

Silicone tip

In contact with Apple Brazil, the MacMagazine it was informed that the silicone tips cannot (yet?) be purchased at the company?s physical stores on a loose basis ? abroad, they sell for $ 4.

Remembering that the silicone tips are also covered by the AirPods Pro warranty, in case of any factory defect.

AppleCare + (extended warranty)

Recently, Apple started to market AppleCare + for AirPods. By paying $ 29, you protect the headphones against two possible accidents (by exchanging the product for a fee of $ 29 for both AirPods Pro and the wireless charging case), and extend the warranty for another year.

Unfortunately AppleCare + is not yet sold here in Brazil; nevertheless, Apple honors the contract established with the customer ? if you purchased AirPods in the USA and placed AppleCare + -, exchanging the product here without any fee payment.

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