How much does iOS 13 Dark mode save battery?

How much does iOS 13 Dark mode save battery?

One of the most important innovations by Apple in iOS 13 was, without a doubt, the Dark mode (or Dark Mode, in English). In addition to facilitating reading in dark environments and giving a more alternative aspect to the system, it also has a great advantage for devices with OLED screens: energy saving.

This has always been talked about, but no one had shown any precise method of measuring this difference. And that’s why a youtuber decided to test how much this economy is.

The first obstacle encountered when comparing tests like this is in the precision between the two states. How to make the use in dark mode practically the same as in light mode?

David, from the PhoneBuff channel, solved this with the help of a little robot. He programmed a mechanical arm to perform exactly the same movements, precisely in both cases. With that, it was possible to reproduce two different moments of the same task, such as writing some messages and browsing applications for a few hours.

In this way, he was able to repeat the same experiment and observe how much battery was consumed, to perform the comparison.

He used an iPhone XS Max. Check out the video with the test:

But why is there such a difference?

Dark Mode Economy

In fact, this savings happens only on devices with OLED screens, as is the case with the following models of iPhones:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

The OLED screen has a very peculiar feature: it is capable of manage each pixel individually, allowing those who represent the color black simply remain erased. It is different from a backlit LCD screen (as is the case with all other iPhone models that were not listed above), in which the pixel is accessible even when it represents black.

This results in consumption savings when the system is in dark mode, because the black parts of the screen are not connected.

In the above experiment, it is estimated that the savings in daily activities is 30%. Of course, this can vary depending on the activity you do. But the video has already managed to give us an idea that there is really a difference in usage.