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How much does AirPods Pro repair cost?

The AirPods Pro have been released. As we reported, they have some very interesting differentials compared to “ordinary” AirPods, which of course makes their price higher. But when it comes to repair, are prices higher too? Quick Answer: Yes.

In fact, there is no "fix" in the case of AirPods. Everything Apple does to pick up your old defective product and replace it with a new one, whether it's just the left, right, recharging case or, in the case of AirPods Pro, even the silicone tip.

Check the prices of all repairs covering the most diverse scenarios:

Product Battery change Repair (out of warranty) Lost Product Exchange
AirPods Pro $ 49 each $ 89 each $ 89 each
AirPods Pro Wireless Carrying Case $ 49 $ 89 $ 99
Airpods $ 49 each $ 69 each $ 69 each
AirPods Carrying Case $ 49 $ 59 $ 59
AirPods Wireless Carrying Case $ 49 $ 59 $ 79

It is worth noting that if you wanted to change the battery of the product Apple will continue to take the old accessory, giving her a new one, but she understands this type of change as different since something that invariably happen the values ​​are a little smaller.

On Apple's support page there is no information on buying / replacing the silicone tips that come with the AirPods Pro. Still, John Gruber (from Daring fireball) stated that if you lose or "rip" one, you can easily buy another one at an Apple store for only $ 4.

AppleCare +

Recently, Apple began marketing AppleCare + for AirPods. For $ 29, you protect the headset against two potential accidents (replacing the product for $ 29 for both the AirPods Pro and the wireless charging case), as well as extending the warranty for another year.

Unfortunately AppleCare + is not yet sold here in Brazil; Still, Apple honors the customer agreement you have purchased if you purchased AirPods in the US and placed AppleCare +, exchanging the product here for no fee.

It's in Brazil?

Here prices are still the same, as Apple is not yet selling the AirPods Pro. Very soon it should update this table, so if you are thinking of changing any AirPod or its carrying case, good to go soon as this price It has everything to climb.

Product Battery change Repair (out of warranty) Lost Product Exchange
AirPods Pro N / A N / A N / A
AirPods Pro Wireless Carrying Case N / A N / A N / A
Airpods R $ 259 R $ 479 each R $ 479 each
AirPods Carrying Case R $ 339 R $ 409 R $ 409
AirPods Wireless Carrying Case R $ 339 R $ 479 R $ 539

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors