How Facebook can not force YouTube to make their offline vdeos

How Facebook can not force YouTube to make their offline vdeos

Maior site de vdeos online do mundo, o YouTube nunca teve um real concorrente nesse setor. Whether it's the size of its holdings, its popularity or the possibility of monetizing users, the fact that the streaming service has never cared much about rivals. But if there is a dedicated platform bother Google streaming service, that goes by the name Facebook.

Focada em atrair cada vez mais vdeos para sua rede social, o Facebook implementou uma funcionalidade em seu aplicativo mobile que permitir aos usurios assistir aos vdeos mesmo quando esto no modo offline. That way, when you see a piece that interested you in your timeline, you can save it and then view it when you don't have internet nearby or just don't want to spend your plan data package.

H rumors ever stronger that Netflix can follow this path

facebook updateNow you can save the videos for offline viewing. / AndroidPolice

Of course, the new feature has some restrictions, such as the fact User action s to view and share in vdeos own Facebook. But anyway, it's a feature that promises to annoy YouTube once and for all, because it's being promoted by the world's largest social network, with over 1.5 billion users.

Why YouTube resists release their vdeos to download?

Enabling download your vdeos acquis has always been a taboo to YouTube. First, because the company fears, and is reasonably certain, that piracy will win out by this measure, since the platform has a gigantic collection of almost everything you can imagine, including movies and series of various kinds.

Segundo, porque o YouTube finalmente vem conseguindo implementar servios pagos de streaming com a sua marca, como o YouTube Red it's the YouTube Red Originals. And there are still plans to bring cable TV to your servers with YouTube Unplugged. That is, the company is trying to find ways to increase their revenues in addition to advertising.

youtube red NOUVEAUTES fonctionnalites disponibilites hero image 01
YouTube Red was the first paid service YouTube / YouTube

E, por falar em publicidade, est a o terceiro ponto pelo qual a plataforma resiste em liberar o download dos seus vdeos: h uma boa chance do YouTube perder anunciantes caso o faa. After all, why would a company pay to promote its brand in a video that can be downloaded at any time? The number of visualizations campaign certainly publicitria fall. And this would result in loss of revenue for YouTube, j whose profits are not the greatest.

Why YouTube may review the question of vdeos offline?

Although the question of downloads of vdeos is a sensitive topic within YouTube, the company knows that already exist countless plugins and methods that allow you to download them. So officially this feature would be a way to make the user does install a suspicious extensive in your browser.

In addition, Google v many companies tm increasingly used Facebook as a platform for disclosure of their publicitrios vdeos. After all, one despise 1.5 BILLION platform of potential customers something recommended by the market. And if the advertisers own will complain about the offline mode in the social network, why would they do this on own YouTube?

I would trade YouTube by another streaming service to bring the offline mode.

E por fim, o YouTube tambm sabe que o modo offline , ironicamente, uma tendncia que veio para ficar nos servios de streaming. Alm Facebook itself, the Vimeo already has this functionality. E h rumores cada vez mais fortes de que o Netflix possa seguir esse caminho. Soon, it would be dangerous to open mo of a resource that can become quite popular in its main rivals, attracting more users to these platforms.

In short: no be surprised if YouTube bring an offline mode soon for your platform. Mas tudo indica que a empresa vai, primeiramente, observar como esse recurso funcionar nos rivais, para s depois tomar uma deciso. Its size and popularity allow it to d that luxury.

And you would like to see a way offline on YouTube, similar to Facebook?

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