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How does the new iPhone SE perform in durability tests?

We've talked a lot about the new iPhone SE by a; we show what?s in the box and talk a little bit about its purpose, compare it to the current one flagship from Ma (the iPhone 11 Pro Max), we comment on the differences between it and the 8 and the XR, the capacity of its battery, we show its interior, we inform that it will also be manufactured in Brazil, that the performance is only slightly lower than the 11, among many other things.

However, traditional device durability tests were missing and no one better than Zack Nelson (from channel JerryRigEverything) for this!

The results are not at all surprising, as, as everyone should know, the structure of the new iPhone SE is basically identical to that of 8. That is; the SE screen scratches using a level six tip (like basically any iPhone), the scratch-resistant Home button (as traditionally), the speaker made of metal (nothing new here, too), the device's body scratches It is much easier (no surprise) and the camera lens still scratches on the same scale as the screen, which should not happen, taking into account that Apple claims to use sapphire to protect its lenses.

The screen withstood the heat from the fire of a lighter applied for about 16 seconds (the pixels that completely disappeared recovered well after a while) and the aluminum body passed the warping test (there is strength to bend this bug!) .

In short: if you've had an iPhone 7 or 8, you know exactly what to find ahead in terms of resistance in the new SE in that other models (such as the XR, XS, 11 and 11 Pro) are very different from that, but undoubtedly the size and use of the same parts brings the experience of these old 4.7 inch models too close.