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How does the battery life of the new iPhone SE compare to other models?

We commented recently that the new iPhone SE would have a battery 1.821mAh, like the iPhone 8. In practice, however, what does this mean?

Overall, Apple has substantially improved the battery life of iPhones in recent years, all thanks to improvements in iOS and the fact that these components themselves have increasingly greater capacities (and sizes). Precisely for this reason, it is natural that the battery gadgets newer ones last longer; however, in “practice”, the result is quite mixed, as seen in the graph below.

Owners of the new iPhone SE will have a battery similar in duration to the iPhone 8, according to Apple: up to 13 hours video playback, even 8 hours in streaming video and even 40 hours audio reproduction. Check out how he does next to other models (from 6):

Comparison: battery life of iPhones

The iPhone with the longest usage time in the area of ​​video playback (offline) is the 11 Pro Max, with a total of 20 hours. THE flagship it has an internal battery of almost 4,000mAh and rivals even the main Android devices.

The battery life of the new iPhone SE does not compete with top-of-the-line models for several reasons, including the target audience of the device. Thus, the model compares to the original iPhone SE (2016), 7, 8 and X, with 13 hours of playback:

Table: battery comparison

As of the iPhone 11, Apple also started reporting battery life for playing videos in streaming, which is approximately 40% less than offline playback tests dropping to 11 hours in the case of the 11 Pro Max and 8 hours in the new iPhone SE, for example.

It is also interesting to note that the iPhone 6 Plus, in some metrics (such as video and audio reproduction), is better than some models of the same size and newer than him.

In addition to the battery life, another factor that should be discussed is the charging time. Since the iPhone 8, you can use a high-power charger (like Apple's 18W USB-C) to speed up gadget precisely, it is possible to reach 50% in 30 minutes.

Despite this, with the exception of the iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, all models come with Apple's 5W charger, which does not allow this fast recharge. Likewise, wireless charging is also not the fastest option, since most Qi standard chargers do not deliver more than 10W and Apple limits charging to 7.5W on their devices.

How is your iPhone battery life? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

via 9to5Mac