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Rappi is a service of delivery that differs from competitors by delivering absolutely anything. Available in web version and in apps for Android or iPhone (iOS) mobile phones, the platform offers menus for restaurants, supermarket items, from different types of stores, among others. In the 'Anything' option, the sky is the limit. As long as it fits in our courier's bag, no ?, explains the company.

This means that, within the same application, the user can buy and receive beauty products, ready-to-eat foods wherever they want, or even ask them to deliver a belonging they forgot at home (and whatever else they need). O dnetc gathered the main questions about the service which, how it works, delivery person, discount coupon and more and answers everything below.

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Rappi by cell phone Photo: Barbara Mannara / dnetcRappi by cell phone Photo: Barbara Mannara / dnetc

Rappi by cell phone Photo: Barbara Mannara / dnetc

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Rappi is a delivery service for anything, as the service itself defines. In delivery cash, even taking a document to the jail, walking your dog or picking up the keys you forgot at the office, explains the company.

The options are organized in different categories, such as Restaurants, Shops, Anything, Cash and Delivery. Purchases at different establishments can be made through the website or app for Android and iOS and payments are made via credit card, PayPal or cash.

In August 2018, Rappi was available in ten Brazilian cities: So Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Braslia, Salvador, Recife and Fortaleza. The company announced that it will soon arrive in Ribeiro Preto, Florianpolis and Goinia.

How is the price and tariffs calculated?

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, for example, the minimum tariff charged by the platform is R $ 8.90 for deliveries of up to 4 km in 30 minutes. From the fourth to the tenth kilometer, R $ 0.10 is added every 100 meters, and from kilometer 10 onwards, R $ 0.20 is added every 100 meters. In addition, for each additional minute after the initial half hour, an additional R $ 0.13 will be charged. In the Anything option, however, a 14% freight charge is added to the total purchase price, R $ 50 being the maximum amount to be charged.

The app also offers the Rappi Prime plan, in which, at R $ 20 per month, the user has free shipping for purchases over R $ 20 paid with a credit card or PayPal. In addition, the service is not taxed with extra amounts per account of the rain or schedule.

Rappi, the app that delivers everything Photo: Divulgao / RappiRappi, the app that delivers everything Photo: Divulgao / Rappi

Rappi, the app that delivers everything Photo: Divulgao / Rappi

How to get discount code?

According to the company, Rappi always publishes discount coupons on its social networks. So keep an eye on our official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, he suggests.

In addition, the user can earn credits by sharing his code with friends through social networks and messengers. The amount of R $ 10 in purchases is offered each time a person completes the first purchase on the service using their code.

How is the delivery time calculated?

The service does not explain how the calculation is done, but one of its premises is the delivery of any product in less than an hour.

How Rappi works Photo: Reproduo / RappiHow Rappi works Photo: Reproduo / Rappi

How Rappi works Photo: Reproduo / Rappi

Those who use a friend's referral code the first time they use the app receive R $ 100 in credits for shipping (not products) on purchases over R $ 6 (except in the Anything / What You Want sections) , ATM and Services).

In a post on the service's blog about frequently asked questions, the company implies that, despite being a company that delivers everything, the iFood and Uber Eats apps would be its main competitors. Like Uber Eats and iFood, Rappi also offers a food delivery service (…). Unlike the others, Rappi also delivers products from any store you need, pharmacies, supermarkets and even your favorite dish from that restaurant that does not deliver to your neighborhood., Explains its differential.

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