how does it work? look here

ADV REC recorder: how does it work? look here

Applications to record the screen of devices, whether they are smartphones, tablets or other models, usually pump on the internet, especially in view of the many options available for all tastes.

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This post about the ADV Recorder REC, read here what are its main advantages, how it works and much more.

ADV REC recorder: how does it work?

ADV REC recorder: how does it work? look hereAn application that has several features and advantages over its competitors, the ADV recorder REC can be used only for Android devices, however without any restrictions.

With it, it is possible to superimpose drawings and texts on top of the video recordings made on your screen. In this way, you can share with those who are watching, what you are feeling and your reactions to the events of what is being recorded.

For those who need to share images of the face during recording, especially in cases of meeting and business videos, the application also has this availability, both from the front and the front camera.

The ADV also has an advanced engine, an option that comes in handy for people who need higher quality and more speed on videos.

ADV REC recorder: how does it work? look here

The app also allows the user to pause and continue recording when deemed necessary. In addition, it is possible to define a specific banner for recording, something that can be very useful for some companies that use this specific tool.

One of the defects of the application that must be highlighted is that it does not have frequent updates, which can end up damaging its quality in relation to competitors, which are always in constant change.

And finally, one of the application’s defects that can make it difficult for fans, who, according to the comments of those who already use it, is not able to record the audio from the screen that is in use, much less the external sound.