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How does Facebook help increase Android sales?

For those who follow AndroidPIT daily, there is one thing that is new: the fact that the Facebook application for Android sucks. Many of our readers have even made much more creative suggestions that could leave Mark Zuckerberg's developers in their slippers. The fact is the worldwide complaint. However, it seems that things are about to change, images of a Facebook's internal campaign, called Droidfooding, aims to review the social networking application for Android and, furthermore, also helps increase sales of devices using Google's OS.

I confess that the idea is being worked out in a very creative way. Droidfooding – a word game with Dog Food and Android – aims to make employees get their own food, that is, use the FB app on Android devices. At this point, it is reasonable that Android users are shocked by this news, but it seems that the company offered an iPhone to employees on the first day of work, so the experience of housekeepers boiled down to this device.

The campaign is so desperately objective that one of the posters shows a comparative graph with the growing numbers of operating systems (Android, Google / iOS, Apple) to perhaps persuade employees to switch devices:

I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that clearly Android users were being neglected by Facebook. According to a Facebook spokesperson for TechCrunch, the idea is not to force employees to switch smartphones:

We do not encourage one device over another. We will choose the employees (to test and report errors in the Android app).

The idea of ​​Droidfooding is to make home workers use the app and can report unknown bugs and bugs for the sake of app improvement. To do this, they have the help of an application called Rage Shake that automatically reports errors when users shake the device from side to side. Please note that the Google+ team has been using this feature for some time and has even made the function available to the end user.

Anyway, in my view, it should have been implemented on Facebook some time ago, if it had happened, many of the problems with the Zuckerberg social networking app would have been solved. However, it is still time to correct this, so 4,000 employees will test the Android app. We can only wait for the result.

And, what do you think, is there a chance of improvement for the Facebook app?

Pictures: TechCrunch

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