How does a CRM system work? [2020]

Most entrepreneurs or those thinking about launching their own business must have heard of this CRM many times. S that not everyone knows exactly how a CRM system works, what it means or how it can be used in your company.

To end your doubts, we have prepared a very complete guide explaining more about how a CRM system works. If you are interested in the subject, you can check everything in detail below!

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What CRM?

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We believe it is very important to start by explaining what CRM is, especially for those who have only heard of the system and do not even know what it is about. Well, the acronym itself means “Customer Relationship Management”, that is, “Customer relationship management” in Portuguese.

In general, it is possible to summarize by saying that this is a type of system that you are to collect and organize data from your customers and your company. With this data in hand, you have ways to improve your relationship with customers, improve your services and even prepare your marketing campaigns more efficiently.

How a CRM system works

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With an initial knowledge that we mentioned above, now it's time to learn more about how a CRM system works. As mentioned, it is used to collect the most diverse types of data, something that is available on this system for all employees who need it.

This system can, for example, gather information about the profile of its customers, their buying habits, if they buy again, if they had problems previously, etc. You can also store information about your activities, your contacts with the company and much more, for example.

Other than that, the system can still be used to check information about your sales, which products are most in demand, which products work best with which type of customer and more. All of this can be used to your advantage.

After all, it is easier to set up a future marketing strategy or to improve your services with this data. The CRM system can also help support your customers, it is already easy to get information about them and their orders.

In this way, the attendant is able to solve problems more quickly and effectively. And believe me, this is a big step to improve your company's relationship with customers.

The cool thing is that you can use and implement very complete CRM systems if you need to. Something capable of being able to connect all your employees on the devices they use, track and manage customer information, automatically get their email and even give recommendations on how to deal with those customers.

CRM systems for different companies

Having mentioned the possibility of using more complete CRM systems, it is worth saying that there are different options for companies of all sizes. After all, a startup and small company often does not need the same functions as a large company needs CRM.

The ideal is always to look for a service that fits your current needs. Even better if it adapts according to the company's growth, so that you don't have to change platforms or plans constantly.

How to implement the system

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Another very important topic when learning how a CRM system works is to know that there are different means of implementation. In general, there are two ways you can consider: on-premises and in the cloud.

Each means of implementation has its advantages and disadvantages. Each one also ends up being better for different types of companies. The summary of each one can be seen below:

1. Local CRM

As the name makes clear, the local CRM is the version of the system that is installed on the server or on the company's computer. Its maintenance can be carried out by a professional who understands more about the subject or by the company's IT staff.

  • Advantages: greater control of your server, can work offline, only employees have access to data
  • Disadvantages: high initial investment, it is necessary to have professionals to deal with the software, updates can be expensive.

2. CRM in the cloud

Cloud CRM is also not a big mystery. It works online and generally does not require installation, as it is all on a website where you and your employees can log in and check information.

This version does not need maintenance, after all everything is in the hands of the developers of the company that supplies the system.

  • Advantages: can be accessed at any time and place, has automatic updates, low initial investment.
  • Disadvantages: depends on the use of internet, less control of the platform in some situations

Did you like the tips?

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