How could Apple improve games on Apple TV? Experts respond

How could Apple improve games on Apple TV? Experts respond

Although extremely versatile, the Apple tv It didn't exactly become the gaming platform Ma wished it to be. Just see that last August we commented that the game Fortnite would not reach Apple's platform; Microsoft recently announced the end of Minecraft support for tvOS.

Concerned about the future of games on Apple TV, the Ars Technica decided to bring together a number of game developers' opinions about Ma's platform in an attempt to gain consensus on what developers think Apple needs to do to change the negative image of Apple. gadget in relation to the world of video games.

Among those interviewed are the CEO of Strange Flavor, Aaron Fothergill, who said that Apple could reach that level by working better the Game center on their various systems, besides developing a game-specific Apple TV control (Ma doesn't have such a device).

According to the executive, it is likely that the end of Minecraft for Apple TV is happening for political reasons, as the game is owned by Microsoft. He also noted that it is easy to write applications for Ma's platform, but when his company decided to create games for Ma's platform, the financial return was not “millions or even hundreds of thousands” just enough to cover the costs.

For Ryan Cash, head of Team Alto (which includes Snowman, creator of Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey games), the end of Minecraft Apple TV support in the astonishing. He further stated that he would not have removed the game from the platform if he had been commanding it.

If I was in charge of the game I think I would really try to stay there. While the platform is certainly not the largest, it continues to grow and is a great way for certain types of audiences to try games, often for the first time.

And look that Team Alto has property to talk about. Earlier this year, the company launched the game Odyssey Heights for various platforms including iOS and tvOS. Despite the launch's success, Cash did not provide details on Apple TV's share of the total revenue.

The developer Patrick Hogan He also pointed out that if Ma developed their own control and included it "in all Apple TV boxes," users could take more advantage of the gameplay features. He said Apple's marketing could put more emphasis on gaming capabilities and that Apple should “spend on exclusive financing platforms, ports and presence at gaming events and conferences ”to attract even more consumers.

It is likely that Apple is not very concerned about games on Apple TV, considering that the company's focus has become its service of streaming Video Anyway, the next generation of set top box it should not be announced until next year, and by then, Ma will be able to implement new gaming features.

via 9to5Mac