How Coronavirus is "contaminating" online platforms. Microsoft Teams was one of the cases

With Coronavirus in many countries dictating the adoption of the telework strategy and leading to increased traffic, workers are increasingly turning to online platforms. However, the increase in traffic had consequences for Microsoft Teams, which was down more than two hours this Monday morning in Europe, according to The Verge. Still, this does not seem to be the only site to experience problems.

Complaints began to appear on the DownDetector website, with reported problems beginning at 8:00 am, the typical start of work schedule for many professionals. In the map of the platform that monitors the activity of various services around the world, the problems that continue to happen are still evident, with Lisbon and Porto being the most affected. Still, the biggest picofo was recorded at 3 pm and complaints are now beginning to decrease.

Problems reported in Europe with Microsoft Teams | 17h04 Source: DownDetector

Among some problems reported a few hours ago by users is the impossibility of sending and receiving messages, the creation of new channels or sending messages very slowly. Now, the comments indicate that, little by little, the platform seems to be returning to normal.

Between July and October, the Microsoft platform saw the number of active users increase by seven million, to 20, which may help to understand the possible number of people affected. Thus, Microsoft Teams registered a number that contrasts considerably with the reality of Slack, which seems to continue to "resist" the Coronavirus, without registered problems.

In addition to Teams, other platforms have also experienced navigation problems on the DownDetector. Spotify, Google and XboxLive are just a few.