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How Coke Will Make Virtual Reality Glasses Closer To You

Virtual reality glasses are the new bet of manufacturers. LG and Samsung have just insisted on them at MWC 2016, Microsoft is developing very interesting ideas and Google has created its simple and practical Cardboard. So far, this technology is still not popular. However, if Coke is entering this market, we may have a change in the game.

What would Coca-Cola VR glasses look like?

The idea of ​​Google Cardboard has a virtual reality glasses that is extremely simple and inexpensive; however, after some time of use, the paper begins to sag, making it very difficult to use.

glasses made from packaging could easily be replaced

Coca-Cola wants to bring something even more disposable: VR glasses made from the cardboard packaging of their soft drinks, here's how it would work on the video below:

Why can Coca-Cola VR glasses be a good idea?

As you can see, the soft drink manufacturer is still experimenting with the idea, testing different approaches and techniques, that is not yet a finished project. Glasses made from packaging could easily be replaced and would cost users no cost.

At MWC 2016 we saw the launch of several gadgets that interact and communicate with smartphones, showing that the internet of things and accessories are already the new bet of the market. So we will see more and more companies investing in the technology market with different ideas that may or may not work. The next few years promise to be a lot of fun.

In your opinion, are virtual reality glasses going to be popular or just another idea that will get lost over time?