How can AndroidPIT bring you the best content?

How can AndroidPIT bring you the best content?

Every Saturday we post a poll on the site. And since our content is made thinking of who there, we decided to open a space to talk directly with you. This time, we are asking you to indicate what you want to see on our homepage.

If you have been following the site for some time, you know that our mission is very simple: to make you optimize the use of your Android device. This means that we always want to keep you informed of the best gadgets, accessories and applications on the market so that you can make well-targeted choices.

What do you want to see here on AndroidPIT?

Incidentally, our interest is not only in helping you buy a phone, accessory or service from the Play Store, but we also want to help you get the most out of your gadgets and software with essential tips.

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What kind of accessory do you want to know more about? How can our team help you? / ANDROIDPIT

So our comments section is open for you to express your interest in specific smartphones, manufacturers and operating systems that, even if not Android, arouse your interest.

We also want to know more about which accessories you would like our team to test for you. Also, keep in mind that our editors are always ready, as far as possible, to help you troubleshoot software and hardware issues.

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What games motivate you to download apps from the Play Store? / ANDROIDPIT

We have a varied number of app lists, and if you miss some kind of coverage about games, sports or reading apps, and want to see it from the perspective of one of our team members, use the comments section. below.

As the site's editor in chief I think it is much nicer to have a direct opinion of AndroidPIT users to deliver a rounder content. I'm really looking forward to how we can add to our daily coverage of articles about smartphones, brands, apps and accessories that interest you directly. How do you think our editors could help you?

Thank you for participating!

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