How and why to disable fast charging of your smartphone

How and why to disable fast charging of your smartphone

Many users wait for bigger and better batteries in their smartphones. As this practicality drags on to us, companies are bypassing the problem by offering alternatives, and one of them is fast loading.

However, fast charging or fast charging may not be the best option in all cases. Yes, a function that can improve our lives is not the best one ever. We'll see in this article why and how to disable this feature if you want.

When fast loading a bad thing?

It's super useful to plug our device into the charger and have at least 30% recharged for a last minute output so we don't run out of battery in the middle of something, stuff like that. Nowadays we have fast loading technology from various manufacturers including Qualcomm, OnePlus, OPPO, among others.

oneplus 6t mclaren edition 13
OnePlus 6T McLaren edition is one of the fastest-loading / AndroidPIT

These technologies work when there is a faster charger, usually above 10W, and also a holder in the battery of your device. By connecting to each other, power reaches the smartphone faster, which charges much faster than normal. However, a little knowledge of physics helps us here.

To charge something faster, I need the charge to reach the battery faster. As the cables did not get much thicker nor the appliances, we can have a higher heating of all the components involved in this process. The battery needs to have more layers, more protection, the charger needs to be bigger.

Still, if a heated electronic component, including the battery, its life becomes better. Remember the PCs, which to work well need coolers, water cooling and more.

anatel 6
Motorola has fast charging on simpler handsets / AndroidPIT by Stella Dauer

Your smartphone will not explode or catch fire, nor will it melt as it is all made under certifications, testing and safety. However, if you are playing or using your smartphone a lot, or recharging it in a very hot place, there may be problems.

And the battery life, and even the smartphone components, can be harmed. Most people will not bother with this, as they do not keep the smartphone for more than two years, when differences can be seen. But who wants to keep the battery charge as efficient as possible any longer can use the tips below.

Change charger

You can use your quick charger only when you really need a faster charge. When you are sleeping, for example, the smartphone may well recharge at its normal speed, no problems.

To do this, have an extra charger to use when you are not in a hurry. Purchase an Inmetro certified charger or other safety device as you may lose life even if you do not use a good accessory.

AndroidPIT fast chargers 9900
Leave the quick charger aside / AndroidPIT

Recharge on the computer

Another solution, which will surely ensure a very slow load on your computer, saving you the purchase of another charger. Plug the player's USB cable into your desktop or notebook and leave the smartphone idle for a few hours.

The ports on your computer, at least the conventional ones, are slow and are not primarily intended for recharging electronics, but rather ensuring power for something to work with your computer. Therefore, the load be slow.

notebook charging
While working or studying, he keeps recharging / AndroidPIT

Disable this option

Samsung smartphone owners can disable this feature within their smartphone system itself. Not very practical, as there are several menus until you get the option, but it avoids buying an extra charger or having to be near a computer.

To check if your device has this feature, in OneUI, go to Settings> Advanced Features> Accessories> Wireless Fast Charging, and disable the option. In the previous interface, go to Settings> Device Maintenance> Battery, and you can disable charging via cable or wireless. Alternatively, you can search for "loading" in the settings search.

samsung fast charging off
Samsung offers the ability to disable fast loading / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Do you prefer to charge your smartphone more slowly at certain times?

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