How about upgrading your Mac with a 64GB SSD or a 1TB HDD ?! Join our promotion! ;-) [atualizado]

How about upgrading your Mac with a 64GB SSD or a 1TB HDD ?! Join our promotion! ;-) [atualizado]

At the beginning of last month, entered into a partnership with Willians Notebooks and drew a kit of 8GB of RAM among readers. As the promotion was a success, we are back with a similar one.

This time, we will be upgrading a player's Mac with a 64GB solid state drive or a 1TB hard drive!

SSD or HDD upgrade

Unlike the memory upgrade, we must warn you, this is a little more complicated and apparently violates your Mac's warranty so just join if you want. On the iFixit website there are instruction manuals on how to replace the component, step by step, with photos in high definition. No seven-headed bug, we guarantee.

Willians is an online store filled with accessories focused on notebooks, including not only memories, but also supplies, hard drives, batteries, recorders and more, of different types and manufacturers.

I want to participate!

This promotion will be exclusive for those who follow us on Twitter, on @, and also follow Willians Notebooks (@wnotebooks). If you don't already have an account there, click here and register for free the very simple process. Then start following (follow) both profiles and read on.

To participate, just post the tweet down in your profile until 6 pm (for the summer time in Braslia) on October 21, 2011, next Friday. Attention: o tweet it should look exactly like this (with the same URL!):

I'm running for an SSD or HDD upgrade for my Mac, offered by @wnotebooks and drawn by @!

Soon after the time limit, we will make the draw among the participants. Whoever wins can choose between a 64GB SSD from Corsair or a 1TB HDD from Samsung.

Here are the promotion rules:

  • The promotion is only valid for Brazilian residents.
  • We will use the system in this promotion. As he presents a draw limit every 15 minutes, we will select 5 names to try to ensure that at least 1 of them will be 100% valid.
  • The lucky draw will have up to three calendar days to comment, otherwise the next name on the list will be chosen or a new draw will be held.
  • To have your participation validated, follow the instructions above. You need to be following both profiles and have posted the tweet or RT given in the message (both natively and in the old method) as presented above, including the URL
  • If you have two or more active Twitter profiles, join the promotion with just one of them. It is just that one person has more chances than the others.
  • Those who do not have a Twitter account, do not like (or have little time for) the social network or something like that can also participate. Just register there and follow the instructions as presented here.
  • Not a smart guy, creating new profiles on Twitter just to have more chances to participate in the promotion. You will not only be disqualified if you do this, as you will not be able to participate in future sweepstakes.
  • You can post how many tweets you want in your account, but only one is counted by the system. You * won't * increase your chances of winning by doing this.

Good luck to everyone!


Draw done, promotion closed! Here is the big winner:

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Congratulations, Juan! Thank you all and see you next time.