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How about having an iPhone 7 Plus with the 1980s Macintosh look? You "only" need $ 1,900!

If you liked what ColorWare made with the AirPods, you will love this news: the company has just released a version retr of iPhone 7 Plus, with painting based on 1980's Macintosh.

Paint the past is back! ColorWare is pleased to announce the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition. If you love the look vintage from the original 1980s Macintosh, so why not have it on your phone? We pay attention to every detail when painting this iPhone. With the multicolor Apple rainbow logo and the darker beige edge stripes, your iPhone will be a work of art! The iPhone 7 Plus Retro They are available for a limited time and only the first 25 models have the authenticity number. Don't miss your chance to have this classic!

The device used for the artwork to happen the black model A1661 mattewith 256GB of storage and no chip (YES-free). The rest of the specs you know well; everything an iPhone 7 Plus is entitled to have.

Really, the work is incredibly beautiful and apparently well done. But everything in life has a price, no? This little beauty will be sold for a limited time and can only be purchased on the ColorWare website for $ 1,900! This is the price of the model in the United States plus $ 930 for adding the painting. But if you find it interesting and willing to pay for this item almost of collector, go ahead ($$).

(via iClarified)