How about an “iPhone 8” with a transparent back? This concept shows exactly that.

Let's put it this way: officially, we still have no idea how to be the mythical and long-awaited “IPhone 8”. In September, we will show Apple a cleaner face and feign surprise when we see the final design of the device finally presented to the world, so as not to hurt our dear Tim Cook. This all of course officially.

Behind the scenes, it seems that we already know almost everything about the future king of Ma's smartphones. So much so that designers around the world are no longer happy to reproduce their design in mockups They are now setting out to create variations on the original design that we will see later this year.

That's exactly what the folks at CURVED / labs did: they took the (extremely) likely design of the “iPhone 8” with its traffic-light style camera and everything, and simulated what it would look like with a fully transparent, tech-style back cover. from the late 1990s and the iMac G3 (and is similar to a practice that the famous YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has already shown on some videos). Take a look at the result:

I fully understand that there are those who see madness (positively, in this case) with this kind of idea. However, I did not like the simple fact that, as with any contemporary smartphone (or portable device in general), the iPhone has much of its internal space occupied by a massive battery ie there is so much to do with it. admire in there. However, as we always say, I like that arm.

The front of the device imagined by our German colleagues follows all the rumors published so far, with an OLED screen occupying the entire surface of the device and cut only at its upper portion, in an area where the (numerous) sensors will be positioned. next iPhone, as well as its front camera.

And you, do you agree with me that matte backs are even more elegant? I'm waiting for the disagreements below.

via iDownloadBlog