How about a reusable notebook that sends your notes to the cloud?

Many services have document scanning capabilities, allowing you to organize your paperwork in a very practical way. But if you also like to walk with a notebook, you need to know the Everlast Rocketbook. Why? Well, we're talking about a very interesting reusable multipurpose notebook.

Everlast Rocketbook Colors

The kit comes with a notepad, a special pen (available for purchase at any stationery store), a flannel, and a one-page use guide.

The idea: You make your notes, your drawings and / or graphics using the pen on one of the notebook pages. Then open the application and scan the material in a moment, forwarding everything by email or to the service you want. Liked?

Rocketbook App icon

When you start configuring the application and organizing the notebook, you will find seven icons that should be associated with services and locations in your cloud services. For example:

  • Important Meetings on Evernote using a rocket cone;
  • House in Dropbox using a diamond cone;
  • English lessons on Google Drive using the apple icon.

And so on

When making a new note, simply mark the symbol on the corresponding page and you're done; when you scan it, it will automatically be sent to the chosen location. Character recognition and ease of scanning (all pages have black borders that make it easy to read the camera) are two things that struck me in the tests.

Rocketbook Scanned Page

You still have as a tool a QR code that aids in organizing the pages by not requiring you to follow the order of the sheets to number them.

QR Code - Rocketbook

“But the notebook is not paper? Will I have to buy another notebook using all the pages? ”No! Although it looks like paper, it is made of a polyester compound and, as I said, reusable thanks to this feature and pen that comes with the kit (a Pilot Frixion whose main feature can be erased with the slightly damp kit cloth) . Not sensational?

Check out a demo video:

Made possible through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Rocketbook Everlast is a great solution for those who want the best of both worlds.

The kit (which has four cover color options and two sizes) comes for $ 34 (plus shipping) and can be purchased here. There are several other products from the Rocketbook staff, so be sure to check it out!