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How about a BazaaR of Android apps when you need it most?

Do you know those times when you would give everything for an app that would help simplify things, such as finding restaurants for lunch in regions you are unaware of or suddenly discovering that in the neighborhood where you are at any given time, there is a store offering great discounts? This app already exists and is called BazaaR.

O BazaaR Android an app that helps the user navigate through the more than 650,000 Android Market apps. Based on the user's location and profile, BazaaR will provide a suite of applications that best respond to your needs at specific times of the day, based on your movement around the city.

How it works

Statistically, around 20% of downloaded applications are used only once and in only one place. So, not to overcrowd your smartphone with apps you'll only need once in a lifetime, it's worth downloading BazaaR Android. This App will send you notifications about useful apps around you, so it visualizes your location on an augmented reality map where you can check if they are really what you are looking for and just use them if necessary without doing download or install each one.

According to the developers themselves, this is the app you need, only when you need it, with easy and fast access from your smartphone. Doesn't seem like a great idea?


BazaaR Android supports all types of content and services: tourist apps appear as you walk in front of sights, making the app an interesting travel partner; Store discounts, if you go shopping, this is the best discount guide you can get; And if you're in a hurry, you can order coffee through your phone, pass and pick it up.

However, not everything is flowers and here is a downside for the user, as not only all applications available on the Android market that can be accessed by those who download BazaaR. To be part of this user-friendly application guide, there is a $ 50 / $ 130 annual plan. Maybe other developers don't want to pay for it.

Test Response and Price

The pilot project was carried out in Ravenna, Italy, and currently the tour guides of eight UNESCO monuments are available to tourists through BazaaR, so visitors roam the city with an ever-on-hand personal tour guide:

BazaaR is available for free for Android and iOS. As the project is still quite recent, we will probably have a positive response in Brazil as the number of applications hosted on the BazaaR platform increases. In business terms, it seems like a great investment for companies that want to reach the target audience objectively.

To download the BazaaR Android app, visit the link below:

Download BazaaR Android

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