Houseparty: App to gather friends online goes viral in times of social distance

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, responsible for the disease COVID-19, applications such as Houseparty stand out to alleviate social distance.

But what does this app do?

You know the app Houseparty? Because of the new coronavirusresponsible for the disease COVID-19, O social distance is being practiced all over the world and the app is on the rise.

The distance is made so that the disease takes time to spread and, consequently, does not overload the health system – making sure that there is enough space and help to heal everyone who needs it.

With social distance, with people choosing to stay at home instead of going to bars, restaurants and other places without seeing friends and without socializing, it is normal to feel alone.

For this reason, some applications that allow to approach those who are far away are on the rise in times of pandemic of the coronavirus.

One of these apps Houseparty, which is gaining more fans around the world with each passing day.

Do you want to miss your friends? This application can be the solution.

Houseparty application trend in times of COVID-19.The Houseparty app can be downloaded on Android, iOS and on your computer.

What does the Houseparty app?

In a simple way, as if it were a FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout with your friends.

But not only that: the application allows these “parties” with the functionality to enjoy some fun games that can be played in a group.

The Houseparty app is an app that allows you to have a "house party" completely free online.

That is, you, in the comfort of your home, can get together with friends through this application – all in their respective homes.

So you are together – even at a distance.

“Houseparty is the face-to-face social network where you can connect with the people you care about most,” says the app description. “The app makes it effortless to connect face-to-face, letting you know when your friends are’ at home ’and ready to chat so you can just join the party.”

The app was launched in 2016, but reached its peak of popularity on the last March 19th, as you can see on Google Trends, which maps search trends on Google.

Houseparty, which was bought in 2019 by Epic Games because of its high performance, broke its own records by being further sought after during the coronavirus pandemic.

Houseparty reaches its peak of popularity in March 2020.Popularity of the Houseparty app on Google Trends (Image taken on: 3/21).

How to use the application?

After downloading the application and creating your account, search for your friends by their username, add them via “Contacts on the cell phone” or by geolocation, if they have the “Discover” option enabled.

You can also add the friends you have on Facebook.

As the goal of parties is to have fun with the people you care about, the app also allows this: by joining an online broadcast with your friends, you can play with games available on the app itself, such as a drawing competition, general knowledge, among others.

You can have a party with up to 8 people, but as you can go from one party to another, it is possible to communicate with many people jumping from party to party.

In the Houseparty app, you can have fun with friends on your mobile.At Houseparty, you can play with your friends.

At Houseparty, you can send notes to friends, send a message to anyone who is not online to join the party and "invade" other parties that your friends may be attending.

Even if all of this is online, the social rules are the same: just go to a party if you are invited, if not, this can be considered a gross lack of education.

How does the Houseparty app help in times of coronavirus, responsible for COVID-19 disease?

As stated above, the social distance is necessary to try to decrease the high contagion level of the coronavirus.

But this is not to stop the virus entirely: at this moment, this is to try to prevent everyone from getting sick so that it does not overburden the public health system – after all, not everyone who can be admitted to private hospitals.

Isolating yourself is indicated to help decrease the transmission of the virus, but when looking at the mental health side, it is important not to isolate yourself so much so as not to suffer from anxiety.

Being alone can make you occupy your energy with thoughts that are not healthy and, in this wave of information about the disease, end up getting carried away by panic.

For health reasons, it is important that the isolation is physical, but not complete – that is, you can still keep in touch with your friends and family, but without touching them.

With the coronavirus pandemic, practicing social distancing is important, but it is also necessary to keep in touch with friends.Keep in touch with friends during an essential social distance.

With that, apps like Houseparty allow you to keep in touch with the people you love, being able to chat and even play games with them.

Thus, you are distracted, you are less alone and can bear to stay at home without being able to leave, as you have the company – even if online – of your friends.

When playing any of the games available, you also take care of your health by making mental effort and keeping yourself busy, as this way, you decrease the feeling of emptiness during your day.

Download the Houseparty app:

Houseparty is available for cell phones and also for desktop, so you can join the party with your computer.

Download: Android | iOS | Google Chrome | MacOS