Today's App Store Deals: RunPee, Set for iWork, Owen’s Odyssey and more!

Horizon, Transloader, Inspire and more!

Today's App Store Deals: RunPee, Set for iWork, Owen’s Odyssey and more!

On the first ps-Keynote day, offers on App Store and on Mac App Store.


Horizon Camera app icon

O Horizon one more of those cool apps that everyone should have.

If you, like me, still have ?problems? with videos shot vertically, you may have found the app that was missing on your iGadget! With Horizon, it doesn’t matter how you are holding your iPhone, the video always be recorded horizontally. Didn’t understand how it works? See below:

If you, despite the main functionality and the name of the app, really want to shoot vertically, just choose the mode ¬ęDisabled¬Ľ. AirPlay support, in different resolutions, filters, geolocation and sharing on different social networks complete the features of this incredible app!

Take advantage of the offer and buy now!

Two Dollar Tuesday

Check today’s offers on Two Dollar Tuesday for OS X:

Sorry, app not found.

Multi-format player.

Transloader app icon

Start transfers on your Mac from your iGadget.

Sorry, app not found.

Archive items and save time.

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Below more applications which together add up $ 11 off:


Inspire app icon

Painting and drawing.

Animated 3D Knots app icon

Learn how to make different types of knots.

Helsinki Travel Guide app icon

Helsinki Guide (Finland).

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Your life in graphics.

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Take advantage of the offers and see you tomorrow! Remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it is good to run.