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Hopeless: The Macabre Reflex Game for Android

Hopeless: The Dark Cave Leave you alone in the dark in a horror movie setting. Your character is a very fearful yellow animal, but armed and ready to shoot the huge and horrible monsters that want to catch him. With the weapon you can react, but be careful not to shoot your teammates. A simple and very macabre game.

hopeless app teaser 01
Upopa Games Ltd

Hopeless a reflex game. Your control is very easy. Your character is in the middle of the screen with everything dark. Monsters suddenly appear everywhere, and you must shoot them to save yourself. Sometimes companions also appear, who join you to shoot the monsters as well.

hopeless app screenshot 01
If you don't react fast, the monster will come and catch you !. / AndroidPIT

For each mate you kill, one of your party commits suicide until you are alone again. The number of monsters obviously grows gradually, and at one point so many that it is almost impossible to save. The graphics in the game could be somewhat better, the monsters and the most varied companions. In general, the atmosphere does not invite diverse.

hopeless app screenshot 02
Through Facebook you can share Highscores, and new features should be coming soon for Hopeless. / AndroidPIT

Hopeless is available for free, but there is an in-app purchase option: you can recruit teammates, for example, and developers soon promise new features and options. Particularly, I find the game quite macabre, and in the same category I prefer Fruit Ninja.

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