Honor V10 is Huawei's new sub-brand bet, with 3D face animations (and tongue!), Fast loading and more

Having announced its new line of smartphones in China, Honor a “sub-brand” of Huawei presented yesterday (5/12) in Europe the Honor V10.

The device had already been revealed in his country and the news was about Huawei's intentions of overtaking Apple in terms of face recognition.

The V10 comes equipped with an 18: 9 aspect ratio 6-inch Full HD screen, a 16MP and 20MP dual camera system at the rear and a 13MP front camera. The device still has 6GB of RAM, fast charging and comes with Android 8.0 "Oreo", but with its own interface (which closely resembles iOS 11, incidentally). The company said it uses an artificial intelligence processor to recognize different scenes and take better pictures, as well as optimizing the phone's system and ease of use.

Focusing on what interests us, behold, the company presented such facial recognition “10 times better” than Apple's and Honor demonstrated it boldly: it put the V10 side by side with the iPhone X and demonstrated the differences (in the true, advantages) of your facial recognition.

As expected, she talked about the technical aspects of such face mapping and announced the ability to unlock the screen with 3D scanning (as in Face ID), block smart notifications (also present on iPhone X), and, something super interesting: It is an intelligent screen rotation, which allows the orientation of the device to change if we are, for example, fiddling with it lying on the bed. There is also the function of taking a picture by making a sign (sign language) in another language and being translated into English (similar function to that of Google Lens).

What caught the eye just like at the Apple event was the animation. Comparing yours with “Animoji”, Honor has demonstrated how far ahead you are with Tongues. Yes, just as we had already talked about on this video on our YouTube channel, Animojis still don't have any languages, even though everything else is quite impressive. Not only that, of course, but small differences can end up counting enough points for heavyweight competitors.

The Honor V10 will be available globally (in the countries where the company operates) from January 8 for about 450 (approximately R $ 1,950).


Along with the most quoted of the day, the Honor 7X It was also announced. For balance, it is a more affordable handset and has a 5.93 inch 18: 9 screen. The handset has a 16MP and 2MP dual rear camera system, while it has an 8MP front camera with an auto focus rate of 0.18 seconds. It also comes with 4GB of RAM and a 3.340mAh battery. Costing 270 (~ $ 1,170), the 7X has now been officially launched and is available for purchase in Europe.

The Chinese giant is not kidding.

via The Verge