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Homes and homes have a new Portuguese app to detect cases of COVID-19 early

With this monitoring, which also includes people with disabilities, an early detection of cases of respiratory infection is possible, namely by frequent measurement of the user's oxygenation. In this way, possible respiratory problems are identified even before the presentation of more serious symptoms, which allows professionals and caregivers to also anticipate the actions to be taken.

In the application algorithm, the typical pathologies of users belonging to this risk group were considered. The objective is to allow, with the help of the app, these people to arrive at the hospital at the right time ", explains Teresa Cardoso, director of the Pulmonology Department of the Hospital do Esprito Santo de vora.

According to Create IT, the app meets the "necessary criteria", both for pre-screening and for monitoring the evolution of the disease in users most vulnerable to the virus. The recommendations made in the context of the application were created based on the indications provided by the Service of Medical Specialties and Clinical Management of the Hospital do Esprito Santo de vora.

The project has partnerships with regional entities such as the Unio District of IPSS, Regional Secretary of the Unio das Misericrdias Portuguesas and Hospital do Esprito Santo. In addition, OutSystems, Fenacerci, UDIPSSs, Confecoop, Baixo Alentejo Local Health Unit and the National Social Gerontology Association are also involved in this project.

In Portugal, the technological solutions developed in the COVID-19 combat have been innumerable, and they are already worthy of mention by the OECD. One of the most recent projects is the Portuguese app Stay Away, which aims to help health authorities track infected people. The app code, which is expected to be released by the end of May, will be made available in open source, using a system that uses Bluetooth technology.