HomePod to be released soon in Japan [atualizado: Taiwan também]

Who thought the HomePod He was doomed to failure, he thought wrong. While smart-speaker sales are not the most significant, Apple seems not to be focusing on the downside and is willing to push the device eastwards now. Japan.

HomePod's release by lj has been speculated since last year, when Ma indicated that the device supported the Japanese language, but the official announcement now came in time for the release of iOS 13, which will offer a number of top news speaker, including multiple user support.

Apple has not yet provided an exact release date, but HomePod's ordering page indicates that sales will start “soon”, probably in the coming weeks. On the Japanese speaker page, the company also published more information about the device.

As in other markets, HomePod will be available in white and space gray for JP32,800 (little more than $ 1,150). Last April, Apple cut the price of the speaker by 14% to try to boost its sales around the world.

Even with the recent expansion of HomePod, the device is still being sold in a few countries with Japan 11 specifically. The product is available in Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Spain, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

via 9to5Mac

Update by Rafael Fischmann 7/10/2019 10:50 AM

O MacRumors noted that, near Japan, HomePod will also reach Taiwan that is to say 12 markets in all from now on.

In Taiwan, it cost NT $ 9,900 (about $ 1,200).