Review: HomePod - An Error Or A Hit?

HomePod Repair Price Out of Warranty Equals 80% of a New

My friend Rafael Fischmann and all the lucky ones who have already put their hands on HomePod or intend to do so at some point in the future, I have only one advice: beware of your new pets, especially if it is not covered by the extended warranty (AppleCare +). Not surprisingly, the price to repair one of Apple's new speakers is scary and comes close to the value of a new unit!

A new support paper published today by Apple reports that the standard price for repairing a HomePod from $ 280, or about 80% of the amount charged by Ma for the $ 350 speaker. Adding the shipping value of the speaker to Apple support (if you do not do it personally), which at $ 20, we come very close to the final price of the new product.

The repair covers any accidental damage caused by the user (if the device is not covered by AppleCare +), such as falls or contact with water, events that should be rare with a device that is “still” and made to stand still on a table or shelf. Such good accidents happen.

As we have already reported, the AppleCare + price for HomePod in the United States is $ 40 and, under Ma's extended warranty plan, accidental damage repairs cost another $ 40 each. Therefore, if for some reason you intend to buy the speaker and move it around or use it in any way that increases the possibility of accidents, you may wish to contract the company's extended warranty.

via AppleInsider